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O’Reilly – Software Architecture Conference 2017 – New York


    Published on: November 17, 2021
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    SACON April 2017 NYC brought together sixty-six of the top thinkers and doers from the software architecture worlds of distributed systems, DevOps, integration architecture, security, scaling, microservices, reactive architecture, performance optimization, UX design, and more to do one very important thing: make your life in software architecture a little less stressful. This video compilation is a complete record of every funny story, painful anecdote, and helpful so-this-is-what-I-finally-had-to-do tale delivered at the conference. These advice givers are an impressive group. They work for companies like Lightbend, ThoughtWorks, Allegro, Circonus, IBM Bluemix, Symphonia, Pivotal, Google, Confluent, Empear, Comcast, and 30 more of the best. If you handle problems like assessing and recommending technologies, building systems for other departments, or dealing with architectural decisions made by others before you, this video compilation is for you. A complete record of SACON April NYC 2017: 48 sessions, 7 tutorials, and 7 keynotes
    Hear from 66 of the world’s best software architects, data architects, and developers
    25 hrs. of tutorials on software architecture basics, distributed systems, reactive, and more
    8 sessions on microservices pros and cons, 4 on DevOps, and 3 on integration architecture
    Multiple sessions on business skills, security, UX design, scale, and optimization. Keynotes by Mark Richards, Daniel Krook (IBM Bluemix), and Jessica Kerr (Atomist)
    Software Architecture Radio’s Matt Stine on the top 10 criteria to evaluate in cloud services
    Dean Wampler (Lightbend) on the forces driving streaming in data and microservices
    Nancy Nunes (Architects Who Code) on scaling architecture through flexible deployment
    Maria Gomez (ThoughtWorks) on the DevOps challenges of CQRS and event sourcing
    Allen Holub on lightweight messaging and interservice communication with ZeroMQ
    Georgiana Gligor (Tekkie Consulting) on super smart and scalable content distribution
    Tomasz Nurkiewicz (Allegro) on fixing synchronous comms problems in distributed systems.


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