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Patrick Dixon – Future of Banking


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Future of Banking, Mobile Banking and Financial Services

Future of Banking: articles, videos, presentations by conference keynote speaker Patrick Dixon on future of banking, retail banking and mobile payments, corporate banking trends, investment banking and fund management, risk management in banking, wholesale banking and insurance. Future of local, national and global banks, non-banking competitors, banking regulation and compliance. Clients include HSBC, UBS, Credit Suisse, RBS, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds TSB, Skandia Bank, Nordea Bank, ABSA bank, Bank of Ireland, Ulster Bank, Britania Building Society, Clariden Bank, Co-op Bank, ABN AMRO, Rabobank, CUES, Fortis, Friends First Bank, Macquarie Bank, Minsheng Bank, Morgan Stanley Investment Bank, North Island Credit Union, PrivatBank (Ukraine), RMB, Saga, SEB, Skandia, Sumitomo Bank, Bank Vontobel, European Banking Association. Patrick Dixon has given keynotes on banking related issues to audiences in North America, Central America, Latin America, Western Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Baltic States, Scandinavia, Africa, Central Asia, South East Asia and Asia Pacific

Future of Banking – Safe Strategy for Banks – Mobile Payment Systems

Future of Banking – presentations, many videos, articles and other resources on the future of banking. Topics covered include: future of retail banking, corporate banking trends, investment banking and fund management, online banking, mobile banking, risk management in banking, wholesale banking.

The future of local, national and global banks. Non-banking competitors including retail stores, insurers, technology companies and mobile phone companies. Future of banking regulation and compliance issues – why compliance is not enough to retain trust and protect brands.

Future of mobile banking, mobile payments – smart phones growth strategy

Future of banking: mobile payments growth, replacing cheques, bank cards, cash cards and credit cards.

Use of smartphones in ecommerce, in retail transactions and wireless payment systems in shops, shopping malls and other stores. Future of banking, financial services and telecommunications. Changes in consumer behavior, customer choice and financial industry regulation.

Telecom industry will become banks, and banks will become phone companies. Convergence of retail, financial services, insurance, phones and other mobile devices.

Next Financial miss-selling crisis? Future of Fund Management. Future Banking

A significant proportion of fund managers (often the majority) at events I have spoken at over the last few years lack confidence in their own actively managed investment funds. For example many tell me (straw polling during presentations) that they do not recommend their own products to friends and family, and do not commit their own wealth into their own funds unless they need to as part of the job. If fund managers do not believe they are adding value, it becomes a serious ethical issue if those retail funds continue to be actively marketed. Life is too short to sell things you don’t believe in.


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