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Paul Baron – Amazon Reviews On Autopilot


Published on: December 14, 2020
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The Bulletproof Way To Get Positive VERIFIED Reviews On Amazon, On Autopilot, No Matter How Often Amazon Keeps Changing The Rules

Can you imagine what it would mean for your business if 95%+ of all the people you have on your list would actually SEE your message?

Using the chatbots now is the equivalent of using email in the 90s and early 00s.

And despite some critics, messenger chatbots are NOT a current trend that will fade away.

Currently, there are over 1.2 BILLION people using Facebook Messenger on a daily basis. And that number constantly grows. There are even some projections stating that Messenger will become the world’s single largest marketing channel in the next 3-5 years!

Plus, Facebook constantly releases new updates to this platform and invests billions of dollars into AI (artificial intelligence), which only means that we’re going to see:

  1. More of the chatbots, and not less
  2. More quality chatbots with a lot of features and possibilities

Mark my words (that are based on data and experience)?

Chatbots are here to STAY!

Now, the big question is?

?But will this work for Amazon sellers??

My short answer is? YES.

I’ve been an Amazon seller since 2015. I have a $100k+ per month Amazon business.

So do my friends, Ben and Nate.

In all this time, with all the resources we have, we’ve never seen anything work as good as Messenger Chatbots.

You already saw my results with chatbots.

For one of my products I got 112 positive verified reviews in just 2 weeks! The other one got 140 in the same period.

And the good news is that this is 100% compliant with all Amazon’s terms of service.

Also, and this is a big one?

Using Messenger Chatbots to get reviews on autopilot is one of the only few ways that are 100% resistant to constant Amazon changes!

Which is great when you know that Amazon already killed some of the best and most effective ways to get reviews.

Things like incentivized reviews, discount coupons, etc.

This won’t happen with chatbots.

How can I make such a claim?

Simply because using a chatbot isn’t some hack, or trick, or loophole. This is a strategic automation of a legitimate way to get reviews – asking satisfied customers to do it.

Now, with all this being said, there are two big misconceptions with Amazon sellers when it comes to chatbots:

Misconception #1: Chatbots sound so technical and are probably too complicated to set up

Misconception #2: I’ll probably need a developer to set it up, so this probably costs a lot of money

Luckily for you, none of these are true.

Although chatbots sound like something high-tech, they’re just a series of predefined messages sent based on certain actions.


So, let’s sum it up:

Facebook Messenger is THE hottest platform right now with over 1.2 BILLION people using it daily

These numbers are growing, and people actually prefer using and communicating over FB Messenger more than they do over email.

Messenger Chatbots are now what email used to be in the 90s and early 00s? only bigger

These days, we’re happy if we get a 20% open rate on our emails. With 25-30% you’re doing GREAT. But with chatbots we’re seeing open rates constantly going over 90% with 60%+ click rates.

Plus, email didn’t have 1.2B users in the 90s. Messenger does.

Using chatbots is a bulletproof way to get positive verified reviews, no matter how often Amazon keeps making changes

We’re talking about an automation o


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