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Paul Mascetta – Covert Control


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Attention To Anyone Who Wants To Know How They Can Can Secretively And Effortlessly Persuade Anyone…
?Using These Ten Simple But Dangerously Effective Techniques You Can Covertly Put People Under Your Control Without Them Even Realizing It?
(Please Use Responsibly)

This Special Report Where Paul Reveals:

How you can literally ?peek? inside the mind of someone and get a first hand look at how their brain is taking in what you’re presenting to them
How you completely reformat someone’s belief system so that it’s in line with yours
How you can minimize resistance and have people fall in love with what you offer them
How to amplify the power in your message with just a few minor but very effective changes
How you can basically predict someone’s thoughts and actions and direct them to wanting what you have
How you can secretively implant the personal image of yourself that you prefer best right into their mind without them even realizing it
How you can set the stage for someone’s behavior without saying word to them
How to instantly shift someone’s frame of thought to get them re-engaged in what you have to say
How to covertly highlight your positive attributes and mask your faults or weaknesses so you always appear strong and confident
Six proven ways to build unshakable credibility so your target never even thinks about not trusting you


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