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Edna Keep – 90 Days To $5k


Published on: August 19, 2021
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90 Days To $5K ? Edna Keep review

The Event Is Taught By Edna Keep, The ? 90 Days To $5K ?

Learn why being ?The Best Kept Secret? means you?re losing investors, deals and money.

  • You?ll learn how to grow your real estate business virtually on demand.
  • You?ll be able to get investors with ease, never having to worry about where your next investors are going to come from or how you?re going to attract them.
  • You?ll be able to grow a real estate business that is simple and takes care of you, your family and your investors for years to come.
  • You will complete the program with your very own presentation that you can you use to confidently build relationships with potential investors.
  • You?ll know exactly what to say to potential investors and how to build clarity and precision into every opportunity that you present.
  • You will know how to properly evaluate and structure deals so that you can ensure that your investors will want to keep investing their money with you again and again.
  • You will draft your own personal story, become a master of your real estate market and know how to attract deals and JV partners to you.
  • You will finally have the time freedom you want, the financial freedom you need and be able to build the passive income lifestyle that you know is possible.
  • You will be able to do it without the stress, frustration, overwhelm and anxiety that you?re living with now.
  • You will experience how easy it is to scale and build your real estate business so that you can provide for you and your family.
  • Each week you?ll have specific homework that will walk you step by step through what you need to accomplish so that you can add more real estate to your investment portfolio and achieve financial freedom.

Module 1 ? The Foundation


Through drafting your vision, you?ll understand your path to success and growth in your real estate business. You?ll get clear on what you want to achieve so you can stop moving in every direction that doesn?t support where you want to be.

Your success begins once you have a clear vision of your direction.

Module 2 ? The Money Gap

Finding The Money

Go from where you are now, to where you want to be with money waiting at the end. Money is everywhere and this module will give you the tools you need to start identifying investors and sources of money you can tap to make your BIG real estate deals a reality.

Module 3 ? Market Obstacles

Master Your Market

Learn what you need to know about your real estate market so that you can become a powerful investor who educates and attracts investors with authority and confidence.

You?ll now be able to speak with investors in a way that gives them confidence in your ability to handle their money and give them ROI.

Module 4 ? Money & Agreements

Money Mindset & Agreements for Sale

Poor money mindset is what causes most people to sabotage their success. You?ll learn how to break through your financial ceiling and destroy money limitations so there?s nothing holding you back when you?re asking investors for hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

You?ll also get introduced to Agreements for Sale ? with a more in depth module later on.

Module 5 ? Finding Money Partners

Joint Ventures

There are many ways to draft a JV agreement. You?ll discover what to look for in a JV partner, how to talk to them so they bring the money and how you create Win/Win situations so that your


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