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Perry Belcher – Presentation Private Client Seminar


Published on: December 10, 2020
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On the first day you and Perry will create the perfect pitch for your product following his tested and proven 21 step pitch formula. You’ll learn one step write then review with Perry your peers and other professional copywriters Perry has asked to come help so you’ll leave with a complete winning sales presentation that YOU created and knowledge to do it again.
The second day you’ll design the perfect sales funnel. You’ll set up pricing create bundles up sells and even recurring revenue offers that will increase your profits on every sale. You’ll also outline your follow-u[ and line extension strategies to maximize the value of every lead.

On the third day you’ll learn how to modify and deliver your pitch in print video on seminars and seminars and even how to deliver it like a pro selling from stage. Perry will share all of this best tracks hacks and conversion strategies for each of these cash producing vehicles.

Once you have completed the SSS workshop you will have a complete sales package that will beat practically any competitor without paying a copywriter a single penny and more importantly you’ll know how to do it again and again for your own clients or even to gain equity in companies just like Perry.

Perry Belcher Co Creator of Digital Marketer has created and sold more than $200M in products and services. Perry is an author of 11 books and courses on business and he is a strategic investor in many industries. He currently speaks at seminars, related to: business business growth, investing, publishing, sales strategies and online media/marketing.Partner with Ryan Deiss, he has created and mastered online digital marketing to reach millions of people, keeping up to date with trends and the strategies in internet marketing.


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