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Perry Marshall Adwords Elite Masters Summit (Maui, Hawaii March 2010) Marketing


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Dear Online Marketing Professional:
At this very moment, you may be one Google ad away from a $4,000 to $20,000 per month pay raise. One new way to filter traffic on the Content Network could bring you ten thousand more visitors per month.

AdWords is changing fast. Even as you’re reading this, you’re falling further behind. Because even if you’re hyper-advanced, there’s still stuff you don’t know.

March 1-3, 2010, I brought together the savviest AdWords pros in the entire world in Maui Hawaii. Together we truly advanced the State Of The Art in what is now possible in the AdWords universe.

I predicted this would be one of the most advanced seminars ever offered in the history of direct marketing, and it WAS. I dare say this will go down in the history books along with Gary Bencivenga’s Bencivenga 100 Seminar in New York City, Gary Halbert’s Seminar of the Century in Key West, Ken McCarthy’s System Seminar and Traffic School in San Francisco, and Dan Kennedy’s Info Riches marathon conference in Phoenix.

All legendary events that insiders fondly remember years later. All of which gave birth to unprecedented achievements in direct marketing.

In fact, my guarantee is simple: If you’re not SLACK JAWED by the advanced content you’ve received by the end of the first day of content, let me know and I’ll cancel your access and refund your money.

The reason I say that with such confidence is, 100 attendees left deliriously happy. Every 15 minutes, you heard something you’d never heard before – even if you’d been doing Pay Per Click for 8 years. Half my speakers re-wrote their Power Point presentations after they got to Maui, after they saw how sophisticated this audience was.

Attendees had to prove they were spending $5,000 per month just to be allowed to pay money to come. Many attendees spend millions of dollars a year in clicks. Richard Stokes of deals with Fortune 500 clients every day. He speaks at all kinds of events and works with Google advertisers who have unlimited access to Google reps etc. Richard said it was the most advanced seminar he’d ever attended.

Most people are stuck in a Google Ad-Writing RUT. Most markets have BORING ads. Most
people are frozen at 2.4% CTR. You know that a 5.5% or 9.5% CTR would push you straight to the top but you aren’t sure how to pull it off.

All that will change after you watch these videos.

I’ve developed a NEW method for generating Bionic Google ads with amazing CTR’s. I call it The Swiss Army Knife. It’s systematic, it’s scientific, and endlessly creative. Bionic Google ads are tractor beams that drag peoples’ eyeballs away from the center of the page to YOUR ad. They push your ads up in the rankings so you get more traffic or cut your bids. They bring new people who would’ve never clicked before.


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