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Perry Marshall – The Truth Seminar


Published on: December 14, 2020
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in 2019 and Beyond.

DM+MLM was one of my early experiences of willfully JAMMING TWO WORLDS TOGETHER – and discovering that one always shatters the other?

OR makes it ten times better.

(There is a shattering in the world, even now.)

I would repeat this again and again and again. Each iteration would improve. Years later, approaching age 50, I saw how do it deliberately, methodically, systematically. With calculated skill, speed and efficiency.

THIS is one of the most valuable skills ever. You can use it to spice up your next vacation? or invent the next Snapchat. And it’s not even all that difficult once you get the hang of it.

Please don’t miss the fact that if you took all kinds of other industries – like Chiropractic or pet videos or membership programs – when you joined those things together with Direct Marketing, you got something amazing.

DM doesn’t break Chiropractic. It brings patients into your office! It educates people about alternative medicine.

If you jam together Search Engine + Direct Response Marketing, you get Google advertising. A $100 billion industry!
DM doesn’t break the internet? it becomes the internet!
If you merge Social Media + Direct Response Marketing, you get Facebook ads? a $50 billion empire!

In Other Words:

Discover New Truth

Capitalize New Truth
Get Rich

People in Planet Perry do this regularly. Some version of this is going on all the time, somewhere? but we’ll do it a lot faster once everyone grasps the pattern.

The reason Amway splintered into pieces was: it wasn’t a real business. Direct marketing elbow grease exposed it for the papier m?ch? that it really was.

In my career I have used this same formula to not merely execute improvements? but total re-inventions that became movements! Not just in marketing, but across many industries:

Principles established in my first Google book in 2003 are now the gold standard of a $100 billion industry. The biggest innovation in advertising in 50 years.

I didn’t merely evangelize 80/20. I re-invented it. Transformed 80/20 into a verb. My fractal 80/20 equation was published in Harvard Business review in June 2018. 80/202 has become a movement that will continue long after I have left this earth.
?Building the Maze? became the industry standard for email and autoresponders. ?Maze 2.0? is likewise becoming the gold standard for social media advertising.
My Evolution 2.0 Prize is an award for the most fundamental question in all of science that can be precisely defined. It’s the biggest prize on Peter Diamandis? HeroX platform. If someone wins this prize, their discovery will transform the world in ways as unimaginable as E = mc2, the discovery of DNA or the invention of the transistor.
?Renaissance Time,? ?Pre-Gutenberg,? ?Memos from the Head Office? and my methods for eradicating Financial Head Trash are among the most transformative resources anywhere in the personal development space.
The Star Seminar (2014) with Richard Koch laid new foundations for what entrepreneurs aspire to. A higher standard. Individuals worth millions and now tens of


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