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Personal Mastery Academy – Robin Sharma


Published on: October 1, 2021
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As a way to show you my PROFOUND appreciation I’m doing something SPECIAL for you. .my new live event Personal Mastery Academy completely sold out. Many people from across the planet were very disappointed they missed getting a seat.

So, I decided to record the entire event beautifully and build it into a world-class learning course called Personal Mastery Academy Online (PMAO) so you get to experience the feeling of being right there in the room with me + discover the most powerful information I have ever taught on mastering your mindset, performing at heroic levels and enjoying a life that you absolutely adore

Personal Mastery Academy Online includes: Two full days of me walking you through brand-new models going deeper than I ever have gone before on my core ideas to help you revolutionize your mindset, x100 your confidence + fearlessness and learn how the most successful performers on the planet do what they do. World-class learning modules + absolutely breakthrough tools that will cause exponential productivity, prosperity and impact in your life. Over 1000 uncommon insights + daily routines + proven strategies to lead your field/own your craft/raise your power so you not only create a rare-air life but influence the world. The exact workbook the entire group from 31 nations worked from including brand-new models never released before. PDFs of the legendary materials I surprised my PMA audience with. Select recordings from my exclusive VIP Day where only 30 change-makers attended.In Personal Mastery Academy Online You Will Learn: A Revolutionary Science-Based Approach to Making Your Life World-Class Discover the latest science behind the powerful techniques for personal mastery. How to Convert Failures into Fuel Learn the mindsets for taking your personal failures and converting them into fuel to accelerate your success exponentially.. The 8 Rituals of A-Players Discover the daily habits of top NBA/NFL/NHL sports stars + billionaire CEOs. 4 Extremely Valuable Models to Requote Your Thinking Discover uber-valuable frameworks that explain how billionaires + titans think so you can leap from where you are to legendary and realize audacious ambitions. How World-Class Producers Create x100 Results How world-class producers use their routines + rituals + environment to own their fields. The Two Types of Power Discover the two types of power and how to leverage your inner hero to achieve epic output so you make history. The Secrets of Developing a Team of Picassos Learn the secrets of developing a world-class team to support your iconic mission.


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