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Peter Beattie – Video Client Funnel


Published on: December 14, 2020
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?$100,000 /yr Funnel Formula for Selling Video Marketing as a Service to Businesses?

What you’ll discover…

–    How to find business owners who are willing to pay for your video marketing services
–    How to make sure each client doesn’t turn into your worst nightmare
–    How to get your video marketing service up and running with paying clients NOW!
–    My NINJA Facebook marketing tricks and profit maximizers for attracting and converted targeted leads into paying clients
–    The funnel friendly ?Amazon-like? one click payment technology to increase your funnel conversions.
–    How to create a long term, stable, recurring income stream from existing clients
–    How to scale up and explode your income with just a few tweaks literally in a few days whenever you want
–    How to ACTUALLY GET video marketing clients and keep them.
–    …and sooo much more!


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