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Peter Garety – Outsourcing Mechanics


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Dear Fellow Warrior,

This is Peter Garety. Today I want to talk to you about the real challenge that stops you from making full-time income online.

And NO, it is not about –

– The latest tricks or gimmicks
– Never-seen-before backlinking strategies
– SEO push-button software

It is about information overload.
It is about lack of clear, TRUE step-by-step instructions.
It is about not having time to do the hundreds of actions required to set up a profitable online business.

?Incomplete Information From Self-Proclaimed Gurus Leads To Frustration?

Considering the amount of information and the constant sales pitches you get in your inbox, it is a real challenge to start to make money online.

Worst of all, most of the time you get incomplete information so you end up wasting your time trying to find the missing piece.

It is always different.

Some ?Guru? sends you information that backlinking is the ultimate solution to get rankings. So, you spend all your time building backlinks without real results.

The others proclaim that Content Is King. So, you throw away everything else and you spend your time on content creation.

Some other says – forget about backlinks and content. You need this last piece of software that will put everything on autopilot and you will end up with piles of money.

So, you jump from one chair to another and you waste your valuable time and money on things that don’t work.

?You Are Not Alone. I Didn’t Make A Dime For 14 Months Because Of This?

When I started my Internet marketing business back in 2008, I didn’t know anything about it.

Even though I will look incredibly stupid, let me be perfectly honest here with you.

For quite a while I thought that the emails I am getting are really personal, so I read every email (I didn’t know anything about auto responders).

Within a short span of 3 months I ended up with 200 emails per day and I spent all my time reading those, sorting in folders and looking for next big solution on how to make money online.

Then there were those traffic exchanges where you end up in hundreds of emails within a few hours. It was nightmare.

I even remember how I was checking my debit card and waiting for launch of a next shiny object, as I thought that only 30 copies are available, and I didn’t want to miss it.

This is was the most frustrating time in my life.

?No Income, No Home Just 30GB Of Information?

After spending 14 months in frustration and after trying out every shiny object under the sun, I finally was left without any money.

Since at time I had no income, no home and I had to take care about my wife and my son, I had no choice but to make money.

So, I started to study those ?gurus? and I was looking specifically how they manage hundreds of tasks that you need to do in order to make money online.

I had 30+GB of information on my hard drive and I studied and sorted this information.

So, after spending 90 days in learning and ?cleaning? mode, I finally realized how they are making all the money online.

?An Organized System And Simple Automation To Get Hundreds Of Tasks Done Instantly?

You see, they are not doing any of the hundreds of tasks that you do in your online business.

– They do not spend time building websites.

– They do not spend time building backlinks.

– They do not spend time with any SEO automation software.

Instead, they are spending time building organized systems and automation strategies that get those hundreds of tasks done on autopilot.

As soon as I realized that, it was like a light bulb just turned on in my head.
This is when I started to build real online business.

From that moment on, instead of spending my time and money on the next shiny object, I focused solely on learning all the automation strategies and finding out how these gurus are implementing those strategies in their business.

After spending thousands of dollars on different automation strategies and testing every possible solution out there, let me present you with the shortcut for your business.

Let me introduce you to…

Outsourcing Mechanics – Complete Online Business Automation

Outsourcing Mechanics is a step-by-step, watch-over-my-shoulders video tutorial course on how to automate the most technically challenging and time consuming tasks and how to instantly grow your business even while you sleep.

It combines all my experience from building more than 200 websites during the last 12 months alone and from working with 6 full-time virtual assistants in last 9 months.

So, Here Is What Outsourcing Mechanics Is All About

Here is what you are going to discover inside…

How to automate your most frustrating and time-consuming tasks even if you are technically challenged and have never build a website before

Organized website development circle to ensure that you stop wasting money and time on mechanical stuff and focus on things that will bring you money

Why most people fail when they start outsourcing and how you can instantly avoid that even if you just outsource article writing

How to find quality people that will be happy to do the most challenging tasks that suck up your time and hold you back from making real money

How to know upfront whether the methods that you implement will actually work or if it is just the next time-waster for you

How to delegate and manage tasks to your outsourced workers without spending more than 15 minutes per day

3 types of outsourcing and how to know which one is right for you so that you do not lose money

How to understand which of the applicants for your job is a good fit for you and will bring you real results

What kind of tasks you should outsource and what kind of information you need to provide to get your desired result

How to set up a simple system for your online business that will ensure the tasks get done even if you are on a three-month vacations

How to organize your online marketing business so that you do not get confused and lose valuable time by doing the same steps over and over again

And much more.

More importantly, it is not just a bunch of information that leaves you more frustrated and confused.

Rather, it is the logical sequence in a step-by-step format that will give you the missing piece to get this online marketing business off the ground.

Here Is What You Are Going To Get

So, here is exactly what you are going to get as soon as you complete the purchase:

Instant Access to the Outsourcing Mechanics membership site, with 70+ easy-to-follow video trainings that are organized in sequential modules.

Foundational Module – straight-to-the-point videos that will show you how to automate your online marketing business and stop wasting your time on activities that don’t make you money. Things like –

How to win the battle with constant information overload and still implement the latest techniques in your business

3 types of outsourcing and which one is the best in your online business

Your business success roadmap that will ensure you do not waste time on things that don’t make you money

How to measure activities in your online business to know exactly where you are and whether you are moving closer to your goal

Where you should outsource and a simple system that will ensure you do not get scammed by your next virtual assistant

How to hire your first virtual assistant and how to test whether he/she is a good fit for your business

And much more

Module 1 – Business Management – step-by-step video tutorials for your virtual assistant. Things like –

How to register a domain name and get it protected the right way

How to setup and upload robots.txt file before and after the website launch to ensure you show Google the right information at the right time

How to setup a hosted email and manage all the logins

How to setup your Google account specifically for your business to ensure your business are flexible in case you want to sell it

How to do initial keyword research and build the right structure for your website to ensure you get high rankings in Google right after the website launch

How to use Google Webmaster Central to extract the most valuable information that will ensure you save at least 50 percents of time and money on backlinks

And much more.

Module 2 – WordPress Mastery – custom-made step-by-step video tutorials for your virtual assistants. They include things like –

How to install WP manually and ensure that your site is protected

WordPress plugin management, including the list of recommended plugins for the website

How to setup the permalinks for the WP site and which form is right for your business

How to setup a Gravatar account and link it to your blog

How to clone your WP installation manually in 5 minutes or less to save a lot of time on the next website

How to work with WP menus to create custom navigation on your blog

How to setup widget structure to maximize on-page SEO for high search engine rankings

How to setup SEO optimized categories on WP site to ensure that you give clear signals to Google about the main topic of your website

How to prepare content for publishing and how to publish your articles to get maximum on-page SEO benefits

And much more.

Module 3 – Social Networks and Syndication – custom-made step-by-step video tutorials for your virtual assistants. They include things like –

How to setup a social profile builder to ensure you do not waste time when creating social profiles

How to check keyword availability in dozens of social networking and social bookmarking sites with one click

How to setup social networking sites properly for maximum content syndication and backlinks

How to activate web 2.0 sites to get the best results for backlinks

How to setup account, create syndication groups and how to syndicate content

How to get any content on the Internet indexed by Google fast

And much more

Module 4 – Business Evolution – custom-made step-by-step video tutorials for your virtual assistants. They include things like –

How to convert any Word file into a PDF document and to ensure all the links are working

How to protect subfolders on your hosting so that people cannot steal your stuff

Article Spinning in Semi-Automatic Mode – 6 steps you should follow to get the best result

How to create a custom RSS feed from any page on the Internet and how to submit it to search engines

And much more.

You can watch all the videos online or download to your computer, but either way you can start to free up your time and automate your business right away.

Most importantly, they are NOT bunch of randomly picked PLR videos that don’t cover any of the elements that are required to get rankings in Google.

All the videos are recorded by me and include every detail I know about website building, how to get rankings in Google and outsourcing.

Basically, it is comes down to three simple steps in order to free up your time and automate your business today:

1. Watch Videos in the Business Foundation Module

2. Pick the right type of outsourcing and hire your virtual assistant

3. Give them their assignments and the training videos.

So, let me ask you 3 simple questions:

Are you tired of wasting your time and money on methods that don’t work?

Do you want to have clear, step-by-step directions on how you can do every step in your online business even if you have full-time job and family commitments?

Do you want to stop the battle with information overload and free up more time for your family and kids?

If your answer to at least one of these questions is YES, then Outsourcing Mechanics is the perfect solution for you.

Therefore, just click the buy button right now and you will get instant lifetime access to the Outsourcing Mechanics package that will automate your online business.


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