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Peter Ragnar – The Secrets Of Money Magic


    Published on: November 17, 2021
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    “At first I felt embarrassed writing this letter to you. You see, I’ve never written anything like this before and probably never will again.”
    I was initially really afraid you’d confuse me with some fast-talking, slick salesperson promoting just another rah, rah, rah, motivationally pumped-up – success tape album. Or would think I was peddling some type get-rich-quick scheme. Not so!
    To my knowledge these secrets of money magic have never been published anywhere before. In fact, they have only been whispered about in secret meetings. You’ll smile confidently as a warm inner glow fills your body when you discover one secret after another.
    “Even big-name celebrities – popular success promoters – haven’t a clue to some of the secrets you’ll have revealed to you.”
    I guess I have to tell you right up-front, this course may not be for you. You see, personal power is like Fire – it’s a wonderful tool, but misused it can also burn you. Maybe that’s why you’ve never seen some of this material published before. If you think you can handle such an increase in personal power please read on…
    “How a spiritual seeker discovered the secret to wealth without stress.”
    Dear Friend,
    “You can get people to be instantly attracted to you and want – no insist, on giving you money!”
    I boldly declared that many years ago. The construction crew then laughed, until I pulled out my wallet. Above the deafening roar of bulldozers. The heavy smell of diesel smoke and the swirls of red clay dust, I told the construction boss, I’ll not be back. “Hold on, wait a minute!” He trailed behind me as I got into my new, luxurious, baby blue Cadillac Eldorado. As I lowered the convertible top, I asked him, “Did you ever wonder how you could magically attract unlimited income possibilities? Did you ever wonder how you could get money to chase you, instead of you wearing yourself out chasing it?
    “Do you want to know the secret of attraction that can even make a lazy person rich?”
    It all involves understanding and applying one very powerful spiritual principle. As I drove off I could see him standing there stroking his chin with his calloused hand. When do you think would be the best time to say yes to these questions?
    Discover the 2 religious traps that can keep you in the poor house
    A huge spiritual misconception that can lead you to bankruptcy
    How not knowing the secret nature of money will rob your children of a college education
    Exposed – the mysterious power of your name
    How to unlock any door with 6 magic words
    The #1 habit that can destroy your relationship overnight
    Want to develop a magnetic charisma – here’s how
    Not knowing this # 1 irritant will get you fired
    You can now get a raise in 30 days or less
    10 things you must know to land a job
    10 things you must know before hiring
    Major body language mistakes – or how to make your dog mad enough to bite you
    How military and law enforcement professionals spot liars
    How to magically and instantly defuse emotional and angry people
    How to fire your boss and win your own prosperity
    * FREE bonus – The Millionaire Interview audio CD
    * FREE bonus – Your Word is Your Manifestation audio CD
    “Wouldn’t it be nice to be loved by people and showered with gratitude and money?”
    Really, who doesn’t want that? When I went into the bank the other day, they were so happy to see me. They had a whole bag of holiday gifts waiting for me. Now, just imagine going into your bank and having them ask you for a loan. How would that make you feel? Or how about the phone ringing of the hook with major companies asking if you would consider going to work for them.
    “Now, how would you like to do what you really, I mean really love doing for income?”
    And knowing you’ll be an instant success? Also consider what benefits you’d receive if you had the ability to read people faster than passing a billboard on the expressway. I p


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