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Peter Urey – Sell Your Expertise by AI Chatbot – Basic Concepts


Published on: December 10, 2020
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If you sell your expertise for a living, you will discover significant benefits in transferring your knowledge to the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is now possible to create an online chatbot with near human characteristics to deliver your intellectual property to the world.

From your website your clients will be able to interact with the AI system to receive a personalised experience of the way you deliver your specialist skills. The Chatbot will be able to track the client?s progress and adapt the learning experience to suit their individual mood, personality and abilities.

Your unique talents will be instantly made available to a global audience 24 / 7.

Up until August 2016 the software to build a chatbot has been in prototype with major corporations but now it?s going mainstream. This course outlines the basic concepts, taking IBM?s offering as the template because it is currently the most well developed.

This is a very new field of commerce for the smaller business and there is a lot you need to be aware of before embarking on the journey. Armed with an understanding of what you will need to do personally and what help you will need from Software Developers will help you build the right partnerships. This will make it easier for you to negotiate contract terms at realistic market rates.

You will also learn what sorts of skills any software developer partners ought to have and how to recognise them in their CVs and past experience.

You will be sharing in my learning from beginning the process of transferring my coaching skills onto

an AI chatbot platform and we also consider what a legal practice would need to do to operate in this way.

We look at the conversion of human language into machine language.
Then we convert our expertise into a dynamic model by annotating our key documents.
Consideration is given to the skills, qualifications and investment required to build a chatbot.
Delivery of the system via an animated avatar is examined.
Inspirations from early market entrants illustrates just what can be achieved.
At he product level we give top level view of IBM?s Watson Knowledge Studio and the Alchemy APIs. The Course is not aimed at Software Developers, although they may find it interesting, but at small independent business owners selling their expert skills. This probably covers all Udemy instructors.

My background in IT gives me an advantage in taking complex IT products and making them comprehensible to the business user. A conceptual understanding of the overall process will position you well to start making the transition from standard online delivery with all its limitations into a fully interactive chatbot experience.


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