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Philakone – 24 Cryptocurrency


Published on: October 1, 2021
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Table of Content: 01 How to customize and set up Bitfinex 02 How to Analyze Candlesticks Charts with Strategy 03 How to Use Moving Average with Strategy 04 Let’s Learn Relative Strength Index RSI with Advanced Strategy 05 Let’s Learn MACD and Histogram 06 Let’s Learn Margin Trading – Bitfinex Trading Crypto – Long, Shorting, Leveraging, 07 Let’s Learn Basic Risk Management 08 Let’s Learn Fibonacci Retracement Part 1 09 Let’s Learn Fibonacci Extension Part 2 10 Introduction to Laddering 11 Let’s Learn Time Frames 12 Let’s Learn Swing Trading Advanced 55 EMA Strategy 13 Introduction To Elliot Wave 14 Using a Basic Excel Tracker for Risk Management 15 Automatic Stop Sell Buy Executions 16 Advanced 55 EMA Strategy with Time Frames, RSI, & MACD 17 Scalping – 6 Hours of Live Trading Growing $2,000 into $3,300 in 4 Days 18 Summary of ABCDE with live play 19 Elliot Wave, Fibonacci Retracement & Extension 20 Advanced Elliot Wave Theory WXY 21 Using Elliot Wave, Fibonacci, And Extensions To Obtain Targets 22 Risk Management, Channels, Fib Retracement, Fib Extension 23 Fibonacci extension, retracement, Elliot Wave 24 Customize RSI Alerts & Multiple Charts, Pro Features of Trading View


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