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Philip Mansour Collection


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Philip Mansour?s Confidential Conversions
Hidden PPC Networks Finally Exposed! Make Up To 5/Sale + Enjoy 60% Commissions on 3 Recurring Upsells. Time To Bank!
Philip Mansour?s Confidential Conversions Online Marketing Training For Business Owners
This marketing system in a box teaches business owners how to utilize low cost online marketing techniques to make sure their business is found online when customers are searching for their product or services. Course is complete with action plans as well Your fate?s in Google?s hands, and let?s face it: If you can?t control it? you don?t own it. The only people telling you it?s ?free? are gurus who think your time is worth nothing, and warn you to stay away from the ?competitive? keywords where all the buyers are. And the money? Well, if you need money NOW? not ?whenever Google lets me out of the sandbox?? you can?t count on ?free? traffic to bring home the bacon. Is that the end of it? Hardly. Heck, I?m building up steam, so I?ll go ahead and get this off my chest while I?m at it? There Aren?t Any More ?Loopholes? In Google? And Facebook Traffic?s Downright Worthless! Here?s a word of advice: Anytime you hear a guru tell you they?ve discovered some ?hidden loophole? in Adwords, ask yourself if you really think they?re smarter than Google. And ?social media? traffic? If you think Google?s rules are nuts, try Facebook on for size


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