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PHP Object Oriented – 100% Practical Web Project


Published on: October 1, 2021
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Learn Object Oriented Programming in PHP

Description Learn from zero the meaning and use of:

– Classes

– Interfaces

– Traits

Beside the general purpose concepts, dive deep in concepts like:

– Inheritance

– Polymorphism

– Accessors (public, private, static)

– Constructors

– Overwrite

– Predefined functions

– Magic methods,

– Nested classes

– Abstract classes

…and many other concepts. Then, create a login class as way to sum up the concepts.


As a way to say “thank you for following the course” I added a project that can be described as follows.

Develop new skills in a practical manner, by doing a project together with me, using a in-demand database like Mongo. Actually, knowing both SQL (Relational Databases – MySQL, Sql Server, etc ) and No-SQL(Mongo, Redis, etc) is essential for every developer.

Learn working with Mongo Database, Compass visualizer of Mongo Database and PHP by building an OOP website starting from scratch and continuing up to a finished e-commerce website.

We will add functionalities like : Shopping Cart, CMS (Content Management System), Ajax Calls, Insert JPEG’s into Database, Login Logic Database Calls, Database Connections, etc.

This course is mainly oriented on back-end side of things and less focused on looks and design that you can configure your own way.

I choose always the less complicated way of dealing with code when solving some issues because firstly this is a learning course and secondly, if you understand the basics of solving in one way, you’ll be able to find better solutions as well. But always, basics first!

Even if is all about PHP OOP and Mongo DB, I am explaining every line of Javascript code as well. I don’t like leaving things unexplained.

Who this course is for: PHP learners PHP beginners


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