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PickUp 101-Real World Rapport


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Course Content


This program has been based on the ?Real World Rapport Seminar? that took place on San Francisco, CA last 2009.

Daygame (6 videos)
video1: Daygame 1 – Pickup 1.0 and 2.0, Keeping It Fun, Male Cleavage
video2: Daygame 2 – The Back Pocket Opener
video3: Daygame 3 – Brent Smith, Truman’s World Coaching
video4: Daygame 4 – Openers in a Range of Situations
video5: Daygame 5 – Eye Contact
video6: Daygame 6 – The Movie Moment

Real World Rapport (5 videos)
video7: Real World Rapport 1 – Vibing
video8: Real World Rapport 1 – Seduction Models & Rapport Guidelines
video9: Real World Rapport 1 – Instant Psychic Exercises and Deep Rapport Games
video10: Real World Rapport 1 – Connection & Deep Rapport Techniques
video11: Real World Rapport 1 – Deep Rapport

Meet Up Mastery (2 videos)
video12: Meet Up Mastery 1 – Eric Disco, Dave M, Zan
video13: Meet Up Mastery 2 – Decker & Audience Members

Bonuses (only 2/7 available)
video14: Decker & Kendra from AMP – Authentic Presence
video16: Carlos Xuma – Being an Alpha Male


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