Pickup101 – Fearless First Impressions


Published on: December 14, 2020
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How to Become an Approach Machine:

Whether you?re in the club or walking down the street, Fearless First Impressions with give you the tools you need to start Fun, Sexy conversations with Beautiful Women in ANY situation.

Here?s just a taste of what you?ll learn:

How to easily join any conversation and have people HAPPY you did. (They?ll NEVER get mad you interrupted once you know how)

Connect-the-dots guidelines for creating the actual words for an opener that?s perfect for you. (Never use recycled material from the Internet again)

New ways to start a conversation not currently taught ANYWHERE else? (if you can truthfully say you know all of these, we?ll give you your money back on the spot!).

Every technique fully demonstrated for you, so you?ll know HOW to do it and WHEN to use them.

When the best way to open a conversation is to say NOTHING. (you?ll be surprised how well this can work)

The essential minor change to any ?nightclub opener? that will make it work perfectly in ANY day game scenario. (It?s so simple, yet it NEVER FAILS)

When a ?situational opener? will help you get better results than you thought possible. (And when you should AVOID using them)

How to use your opening skills to build attraction with women you?re already in conversation with (and do this without any negative tools like jealousy)

A sure fire way to approach a girl right in front of her date! (Wait till you friends see you do this one!)

Guaranteed field tested techniques to OBLITERATE approach anxiety and shyness forever. (This one takes discipline? but ANYONE can do it)

How to know if the so called ?3-second rule? is right for you. (Following this rule to the letter can actually HURT your results)

How to work together with a ?WINGMAN? to consistently get KICK-ASS results for both of you. (So you?re leveraging each other?s strengths and literally doubling or tripling your ?close? rate)

The correct way to do both DIRECT & INDIRECT approaches (and when it?s best to use each)

Foolproof methods to easily open any group with their BACKS to you, no matter how tightly they are packed, without yelling or saying anything to shock them. (You?ll be able to join a group that even experienced ?Naturals? will avoid.)

How to build your value before joining a group conversation. (So even if they are smokin? hot 10?s, they?ll think you?re the kind of guy they SHOULD be dating)

How to get past the absolute hardest ?girl tests? on the planet. (Once you learn this no woman will ever blow you out again!)

How to accurately ?read? a group immediately after opening, and use that to determine your next best move.

How to use ?gimmicky? type opening methods like handwriting analysis, magic tricks, or even NLP patterns as openers without looking like a dork or a complete tool. (There are times when you?ll want to use these, now you?ll know the RIGHT way to do it)

The most powerful way to build instant attraction into your opener (this one is amazing in quiet environments)

How to warm up an entire room so that the hottest girls are impatiently waiting for you to FINALLY come talk to them. (It?s a no-brai


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