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Published on: May 12, 2021
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The Advanced Options Trading Course by Piranha Profits is designed for experienced traders who want to take their trading profits to a new high without being tied down by Mr. Market’s mood swings.

Like the dominating grip of a king crab, Options Ironstriker gives you timely, offensive strategies to strike the market while it’s hot. You’ll learn to deploy flexible, tested Options setups that counter any market scenario. even the dreaded sideway consolidation and the ‘dangerous’ earnings announcement season that most traders are helpless with!
In this advanced course, you’ll master the tactics of structuring 2, 3, 4-legged Options combos to profit with any asset – stocks, currencies, futures, commodities – using 10 powerful Options strategies hand-picked by trading mentors Adam Khoo and Bang Pham Van.
10 Powerful Strategies You’ll Learn in Options Ironstriker

– Strategy #1: Credit Spreads
This low-risk, high-probability strategy lets you sell ‘insurance’ and collect premiums even if you’re not totally certain of the market direction.

– Strategy #2: Iron Condor
Coach Bang’s bread-and-butter strategy – use this ‘trade the range’ tactic to squeeze profits from the market when it’s crawling sideways!

– Strategy #3: Earnings Probability Spread
Adam Khoo’s favourite strategy for consistent quarterly profits – learn how to achieve up to 1:10 risk-reward on low capital! Discover how to profit safely from the ‘dangerous’ earnings announcement season without fear of market gap-downs.

– Strategy #4: Long Diagonal Spread
Found a great stock but can’t afford the 100 shares? Learn how to ‘lease to rent’ options to earn pocket money every month while covering your long-term position! This is perfect for traders with small accounts.

– Strategy #5: Long Calendar Spread
A very profitable strategy for fundamentally strong stocks – Discover how to own a long-term option at low cost or even for free!

– Strategy #6: Synthetic Long and Short Stocks
Use this cost-saving hack to replicate the actual position of a stock . while forking out only 10% of the capital required!

– Strategy #7: Protective Bullish Synthetic
Our proprietary options strategy invented by Piranha Profits – Use this cheap ‘bottom -fishing’ tactic to ‘buy into’ strong, undervalued stocks at just 10% of its original share price.

– Strategy #8: The SNIPEX
Another proprietary options strategy invented by Piranha Profits – a Nimble strategy on SPX to make profits from theta-scalping.

– Strategy #9: Back Ratio Spread
Construct this spread without worrying about downside risk, and enjoy unlimited upside potential with low blocked buying power.

– Strategy #10: Earnings Sniper Spread
Our third trademark options strategy invented by Bang Pham Van. Enjoy a wide profit range and high probability (win rate) without picking a price direction.


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