PPC Ninja – Christian Weselakis


Published on: May 12, 2021
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Packed with awesome PPC techniques and underground tactics that have been tried and true. To make sure the product worked as advertised, Christian invited industry powerhouse players, Trey Smith, Michael Campbell, and THE Frank Kern to test the product. PPC Ninja passed the test with flying colors. In fact it went so well, that it had to be pulled from the market in order to prepare for the official launch on April 16, 2009.

For the longest time, Christian Weselak kept his PPC Ninja tactics to himself. Then his friends realized, ‘Hey, Christian isn’t working anymore. They even went so far as to think he was dealing drugs or some other type of illegal activity to make such cash. The truth was he was dominating in a niche to the point of making about $2,500 a day! Can you believe it? His PPC Ninja designs were behind such a feat, using just one keyword, and sometimes not even using a website. UNBELIEVABLE! If you ask him, he might even tell you the fact, that he doesn’t really like work, and is a bit on the lazy side.


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