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Raghee Horner – Simpler Trading – ETF Master Class

Published on: July 26, 2021Free Digital Download Delivery
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Learn three simple strategies for low-cost trading Have you ever wondered how to make astonishing gains with ETF options? For some traders, this is the secret weapon to their success. In fact, most traders don’t know that they could get much more “bang for their buck” with ETF options. ETFs are ideal for traders with smaller accounts who want to target rapid gains without risking much capital. Using simple and time-tested patterns can produce winning trades like this… This 2X winner in DIA generated $1,800 per contract!

This is a method that worked well because of the formula used to set up the long entries. And the best part? Traders will only need to learn three basic strategies to get a better bang for their buck. With the “ETF Master Class,” there’s no need for complicated explanations or big learning curves to understand ETFs. Discover the ‘orthodox’ power of ETFs In her 30+ years of trading, Raghee Horner, Managing Director of Futures at Simpler Trading, has found the most effective ways to trade. Not to mention, her astonishing returns with ETF options. With her “ETF Master Class,” Raghee shares three of her favorite options strategies.

You’ll learn how Raghee exploits “cheap” ETF options using low-risk setups. In this step-by-step training you’ll discover: Case Study: Raghee’s long call for $1,800 in DIA Simple steps to structuring trades better How to quickly identify relative outperformers (so you don’t miss out on the big moves) Decoding sector movement (and how they “dance” with each other The secret to avoiding a beating when the market rolls over Case Study: Raghee’s shockingly inexpensive XLV trade


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