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Ramit Sethi – Call To Action


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Course Content


It Works

  • Even if you’re not a ?natural? writer
  • Even if you don’t have a huge email list
  • Even if you’re stretched thin with a million to-dos

And most business owners

skip right over it.

In 2010, I wrote this email to promote a new product we?d created. I wrote it. I agonized over it. I threw it away and started again. And finally, when it was ready, I clicked send. Within 24 hours, that email pulled in hundreds of thousands of dollars. But that’s just the beginning. Since 2010, this email has been invisibly running in our systems. During that time, it has automatically generated millions of dollars – just that one email. Same email. Same copy The millions we’ve earned from that one email has allowed me to aggressively invest in myself and my business. I used that money to train with the best mentors I could find. I hired the best designers, the best project managers, the best support team. That money allows me to advertise and acquire even more customers, and build even better products. This is what business people call a ?virtuous cycle.? I?d like to show you how to build that virtuous cycle into your business so you stand out, get more customers, and generate more revenue?for the exact same work.

The one-of-a-kind copywriting course designed specifically for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners.

Call to Action is an 8-week online course that distills everything I’ve learned about copy in 10 years and millions in sales. Each week we unlock another module that decodes a specific piece of our copywriting system. Everything from the psychology of great copy – to detailed breakdowns of email funnels, blog posts, and sales pages – to write great copy, get good, and move on. Our in-depth video lessons cover everything you need to know to write great copy for your business. Without wasting time on esoteric theory. We’ll show you exactly what will move the needle and what you can ignore. The exact system I use to create popular blog posts. This took me 10 years to develop and I still use it on our posts. The word-for-word scripts I use for reaching out to customers. Learn what really matters to them – their biggest fears, deepest desires, and the exact words that will cause them to buy. Maximizing Email Subscribers: The Art of Writing Mouthwatering Copy That Compels Readers to Take Action Done-for-you templates and fo


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