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Ramit Sethi – Instant Network


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Introducing Instant Network

How to build a network of 10 powerful connections – just 10 – for one-on-one mentorship, lasting introductions, and ‘skip-the-line? access into the private world of unannounced jobs and unrivaled perks

This new online course takes my best insights on building a powerful support network and gives you the most specific, word-for-word scripts, strategies, and tactics to find your powerful 10 allies.

  • Even if you’re not already a ‘success story.?
  • Even if you live in the middle of nowhere.
  • Even if you don’t know what you want to do with your life.

Within 14 days:

  • You’ll identify the ten key people – just 10 – who’ll give you one-on-one mentorship, lasting introductions, and ‘skip-the-line? access into the private world of unannounced jobs and unrivaled perks
  • You’ll have gotten responses from all of them! This is not just theory. My goal with this course is that you’ll meet more VIPs in the next 14 days than in the last 2 years
  • You’ll know exactly what to say to them when you first reach out, when you communicate by email, even when you meet in person. All carefully shown to you in word-for-word scripts – and I’ll show you how to make them authentically yours

Instant Network
moves past platitudes like ?Build a network!? into the actual specifics of how to do it. By the first week, you’ll have replies in your inbox from VIPs you’ve dreamed of talking to. And beyond tactics, you’ll get a hand-picked selection of my best material on building long-term relationships, reaching VIPs, and even the social skills to have smooth interactions with them over email, phone, and in person.
My team painstakingly crawled through over 100 hours of our material to integrate the most impactful, ready-to-use material for you. And then we added to it.
If you’ve already joined one of my courses, you’ll get even more out of this. We reorganized and re-engineered the material to make it rapidly applicable (hence, Instant Network). We stripped away anything that would get in your way, and added material that would make it even easier to identify your 10 VIPs, get in touch with them – bypassing the people crowding their inbox with request after request – and begin building a long-term relationship where they’re delighted to open their network to you.
And once you get your first meeting with a VIP who wants to help you – who wants to open his network to you and share private invitations and opportunities with you – you’ll see how the principles fit together: from understanding the psychology of VIPs when you email them, to using high competence triggers when you meet them, to becoming a more interested and interesting person, so VIPs want to help you.
If you haven’t been able to afford my top-tier courses before, like Find Your Dream Job, my Instant Network course much more affordably priced to help you tap into the hidden opportunities that most people never see.
Is Instant Network as effective as my Dream Job program (which costs over $1,000 more than this course)? Of course not! If you want the full-featured course on finding an entire new job, including identifying what your dream job is, building a network to help you navigate the waters, interviewing, negotiating, and out performing in your first 100 days?Find Your Dream Job is the best material you can find. (It’s also significantly more expensive.)
But if your goal is to ta


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