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Ray Edwards – Copywriting Academy 2.0


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Course Overview:

Copywriting Academy 2.0 ? Ray Edwards

What is the Copywriting Academy?

Ray?s lessons show you there?s more to selling a product than simply having a website. And there?s no other area of marketing that can bring you the results you seek than better writing.
If you?ve tried to sell online before, then you know it can be a dissapointment. You?ve prepped your landing pages, message etc, but people just aren?t converting.
Most likely you think people just aren?t interested in your offer. Most likely you?ll give up.
But you shouldn?t.
It?s the job of the copy to get them interested. It?s your job to create an irresistible offer ? which is one thing that Ray talks about as well inside Copywriting Academy.
Once you learn the stuff Ray teaches and you start making sales, your life changes. You see the numbers popping up in your bank account ? one of the best feelings in the world. After hustling, experiencing all kinds of setbacks, dissapointment..and finally ? IT WORKS. That feeling is worth every penny.
The program features 10 online sessions, including bonus lessons that allow you to go at your own pace.
The cost, or investment as Ray calls it, is $1,997, which can be paid in a lump sum or in four installments of $597.
The investment also includes two free tickets to a three-day live session that immerses participants in the process. They are expected to ?write until tears flow.?
This top program comes with a full money-back guarantee if you aren?t satisfied after 30 days.

To Who

Entrepreneurs and small business owners that want to write better copy
Freelancers that want to write copy for other people
If you?re planning to do a product launch
You want to hire copywriters, but want to know the craft enough to understand who is good and who?s not
Copywriting Quick-start (Write Your Cash-Generating Copy in About an hour)
The ?Secret Skeleton? of Million-Dollar Copy ( The Universal Copy Blueprint that sells Your Products Like Crazy)
Copy That Attracts Readers Like Magic (Headlines and Sub-Headlines)
Inbox Money Magic (E-mail Writing That Makes More Money)
The Fascination Factor (How To Write Better Bullet Points)
Irresistible Offers (The One Thing That Makes Selling Unnecessary)
Write Guarantees That Shock, Awe and Sell ( How to Get Your Customers To Stop Hesitating)
Closing Copy (How To Ask For A Sale)
The Secrets of Product Launch Copy (Copy for PLF ? style of launch)
Video Copy Magic (How To Write Copy for Videos, Webinars, Livecasts)
Current bonus lessons:

Your First 1,000 Subscribers
Idea to Income in 30 Days or Less
Rapid Copywriting
License to Steal


  • Session 1 ? Copywriting Quickstart
  • Session 2 ? The ?Secret Skeleton? of Million-Dollar Copy
  • Session 3 ? Copy That Attracts Readers Like Magic
  • Session 4 ? Inbox Money Magic
  • Session 5 ? The Fascination Factor
  • Session 6 ? Irresistible Offers
  • Session 7 ? Write Guarantees That Shock, Awe and Sell
  • Session 8 ? Closing Copy ? 8 lessons
  • Session 9 ? The Secrets of Product Launch Copy
  • Session 10 ? Video Copy Magic


  • Bonus Module: Copywriting Invisible Template
  • Ultimate Copywriting Templates
  • How To Make 120K When Attending Live Events
  • The Six Figure Second Income
  • Evernote Swipe File Hacks
  • Swipe File of the Month Club
  • Mind-Mapping the Perfect Sales Letter
  • Writing A Winning Fundraising Letter
  • License To Steal
  • Coaching Calls


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