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Ray Edwards – Monthly Marketing Templates November 2013


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Imagine… the pain of your monthly marketing disappears, because each month we deliver a customizable campaign (that you implement) to boost your profits. This is not another course. It’s about ?earning?, not ?learning?.

Here Is What You Are Getting

Monthly Marketing Template: Customize the name and company information, and you get instant marketing campaigns.
Monthly Newsletter Template: Just add your information and address, and then send the pre-written newsletter to your customers.
Pre-written Email Newsletter: Add your name to our pre-written email newsletter and send it to your customer list.

You Also Get

Phone Time with Ray Edwards: Every month you get a ?Q&A with Ray call? at no additional charge.
Marketing Laboratory Webinars: Each month Ray takes you inside his ?marketing lab? and shares his latest experimental results.
Surprise Bonuses: Ray shares random (but profitable) marketing goodies each month.


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