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Reality PPC EXTREME Edition Course


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Google’s Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising network can be tricky to learn. If you get it right then you are on way to making this form of advertising profitable. Get it wrong and you will lose a ton of money. Now, there are ton of books and courses you can purchase that teach you how to properly use Google’s AdWords. Some of this training material is top notch while some other is poor and will teach you the methods and techniques that set you up for PPC failure. I’m sure you would like to avoid failure so I suggest a course I think will advance your skills and knowledge of PPC marketing by giant steps.

I’d like you to discover an extremely helpful course that I attended online this past summer. It’s called Reality PPC workshop and was taught by two PPC experts – Chris Carpenter and Jeremy Wilson. This was NOT your run-of-the-mill PPC training courses. It was an extensive six week course that covered, step-by-step, all the necessary training to create successful and profitable ad campaigns using Google AdWords. The workshop latest six weeks with class sessions lasting from 1.5 to over 2 hours. It was taught online using a webinar training environment with over 350 students of varying PPC skills attending. The entire course was taught by Chris Carpenter and Jeremy Wilson, so you know you had top-shelf PPC experts guiding you through the entire process of keyword and market research, setting up ad campaigns, tweaking ads to squeeze highest profitability and more. At the conclusion of each training session, student had time to ask questions and receive answers. The training was very interactive. As each training sessions was given, the entire webinar was recorded for students to review at a later time. Recorded sessions are great for student of all skill levels. These recordings allow you to go back over material that was either missed or not completely understood.


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