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Realtor Podcast Marketing For Real Estate Agents Success


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Real Estate Agent Marketing That Works, Even When You Don?t. 24/7 Podcasting For Realtors In the super-competitive real estate market, Realtors need every advantage they can get. Don?t you hate it when a potential client that you spoke with months ago, buys or sells their home. and uses another agent? Imagine, for a minute, that you had the undivided attention of your ideal prospect. And not only that, you were talking in their ear on a weekly basis. Maybe, they aren?t ready to sell their home or buy a new one this week, but what about next week, next month, next year. If you can remain top-of-mind with your clients and position yourself as the ?One and Only? Realtor for them to turn to, regardless of when they decide to buy or sell, what would that do to your business? Everyone has a smartphone. Everyone in your farm could be listening to your online radio show or Podcast. What is a Podcast? It is audio or video shows, that when you subscribe to them, are automatically updated on your Computer, Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, and/or iPods. Think of them as free radio or TV shows which you deliver Spam-Free! directly to your audience every time you produce one. Podcasting is bigger than you think. When we survey people who listen to free, commercial-free audio Podcasts at least once a month: we discover an interesting fact: It beats AM/FM Radio, streaming audio, TV Music channels, & Sirius! If you compare the number of people listening to Podcasts monthly, they are as popular as Twitter with 39 mIllion listeners, even if it doesn?t get the same ?Respect?. But instead of communicating in impersonal 140 character Tweets, with Podcasting, you get right into the head of your target market for as long as you talk. Podcasts are portable ? and because of this, they are listened to everywhere. in the car, walking the dog, at the gym, at the beach, on a plane, anywhere. By following the short, simple, easy-to-follow lectures, you will be able to work through the process of setting up your show and publishing your first episode quickly. Podcasting is increasing in popularity, and thanks to CarPlay, Google jumping on Podcasts and Apps, Podcast will continue growing for years to come. It is just past the ?Early Adopter? stage and has huge potential moving forward. Don?t miss out on the low-competition, high-demand opportunities that your fellow Real Estate Podcasters are enjoying.


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