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Retire in Thailand: The Retirement You Deserve


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Course Description
Retire in Thailand is a course geared for anyone who is looking at their retirement options and looking for a way to live comfortably on a potentially small pension in Thailand.

Retirement has changed over the last several years; no longer is it reasonable to think that you can afford to maintain the life you lived as a working citizen when you retire. Inflation and the rising cost of living have given many a bleak view on their retirement.

It doesn?t have to be that way, there are options to retire and live comfortably on a small budget. This course covers the prospect of moving to Thailand as a retiree, an option that has become more a more popular as the cost of living rises in the West. It takes a look at the steps needed to travel to Thailand to see if the culture is right for you and a step by step guide on how to get approved to retire to the country. Retiring in Thailand gives you the option and ability to live the style of life that you deserve after working all your life.

The course delves deeply into the practical detail of moving into Thailand. We cover details such as how to obtain the necessary retirement visas for Thailand including the list of requirements and how to navigate this complex process. Worried about getting quality healthcare while in Thailand? We give you options on the best medical healthcare for retirees in Thailand. We cover areas such as investing in Thai property, banking and documentation, how to choose an ideal location in Thailand where you can retire as well as information on learning the language and other niceties. This is the ultimate comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to retire in this beautiful South East Asian nation.

Even if you are far from the age of retiring and you want to know what your options for the future are, this course will help you to understand the culture and differences between Thai culture and your own and help you make informed decisions in regards to your retirement. And if you are ready to retire, this course will help you understand what life can be like living in the beautiful country of Thailand. Either way, this is the course for you.

PPS I am using a voice over service to make you enjoy even better from my course as i am not a voice over pro and like a pro do this job. The Instructor is: John Klimkiewicz, 5395 Media

What are the requirements?
Come to this course with an open mind and a willingness to learn about another culture. There is no task that you need to complete before taking this course, though, if you have traveled to Thailand before, then you are already at an advantage of knowing what the people there are like.
What am I going to get from this course?
Understand and have a feeling on whether or not the choice to retire in Thailand is right for them. They will understand the basic differences in that culture and how a little politeness will go a long way. This course will also teach them some basic greetings and phrases in Thai to help with growing accustomed to speaking a new language.
What is the target audience?
Anyone who is considering a vast change in their life, or someone who is seeking to make the most out of their retirement and pension. This is not a course for those that just want to vacation in Thailand


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