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RHCE Cert Prep: Advanced Disk Systems and System Backup


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Study to pass the RHCE-the benchmark certification for Red Hat Enterprise Linux-and master disk systems and system backup techniques for Linux. Computer science instructor and Linux enthusiast Grant McWilliams covers creating and resizing BIOS and GPT partitions, optimizing and repairing EXT and XFS file systems, and reaping the advantages of volume management using LVM. Learn how to increase or shrink existing logical volumes as well as replace physical drives in volume groups. Grant also shows how to create RAID 0 and RAID 5 arrays, and use snapshots to back up and restore a Linux system. He also uses merge snapshots to roll back a system disk image. Plus, learn alternate backup methods with tar, the xz compressor, and dump and restore commands.

Topics include:

Create partitions
Backing up the partition table
Resize partitions
Managing LVM volumes
Creating LVM rollback and roll-forward snapshots
Extending and shrinking LVM volume groups
Replacing physical volumes in LVM volume groups
Creating Linux file systems
Managing swap
Creating RAID arrays using LVM
Backing up and restoring files and file systems


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