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Rich Schefren – League Of Extraodinary Minds – Total Business Growth Home Study


Published on: December 14, 2020
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This is the bonus package for the weekly seminars.

Modeling For Millions a complete collection of proven marketing materials and winning promotions that made Jay Abraham $15 million and launched Strategic Profits from zero to over $7 million in their first 12 months.

Instant Authority a complete collection of power packed resources that hand you the keys to instant authority and mavenship the very same tools Rich and Jay use for themselves. Command premium pricing, pre-eminent status and pre-emptive marketing if you use these methods.

The Wizards Edge A series of seventeen audios revealing Jay’s most powerful profit boosting techniques responsible for billions of increased sales. Listen to his mind and methods stripped naked in the 17 probing interview sessions
Please note: Audio 8 is damaged on the original, not my fault).

The Ultimate Business Advantage Shares Quick Leverage secrets to do twice as much in half the time with a 300% increase in results?

The Copywriting Triple Threat A comprehensive collection of tips, tricks, and powerful strategies of the three masters of copywriting working today: Clayton Makepeace, John Carlton and Jay Abraham? Combined their copy has sold Nine Billion Dollars of products and services (both online and off).

The Entrepreneurial Creativity System How to turn on, then up your creative marketing, selling, promotional and positioning capabilities. Transforms linear-thinkers into creative business geniuses.

The Geometric Business Growth Action Pack a short course education in how to harness the power of geometry to multiply the performance (and profitability) of every effort you make, action you take, investment you commit to, and opportunity that ever comes you way?

The Business Explosion Pack how to get from where you are to where you want to be in your business. A six week crash course in transforming any business into a high performance marketing and money making profit machine.

The Ultimate Integrated Guide To Joint Venture Deal Making Mastery An A to Z guide on how to engineer extremely successful joint ventures and very profitable affiliate deals

The League Panel 1:
Getting Customers To Choose YOU Over Everyone
Else: Leveraging Credibility, Believability, and
Trust in Everything You Do

The League Panel 2:
Using Brain Based Marketing to Engineer
Irrefusable Offers: Getting People Who Don
Buy to Buy Enthusiastically

The League Panel 3:
Pre-emptive Marketing: Innovative Tactics That
Outperform What Everyone Else Is Doing

The League Panel 4:
The Business Building Triple Play: The Three Key
Levels that’ll Multiply Any Small Business from
the Inside Out

The League Panel 5:
The Performance Enhancement Quotient:
Making Everything You Do Bigger and Better
Starting Now

The League Panel 6:
Maximum Results From Minimum Efforts:
Operating At Peak Performance To Get The
Best Results From Everything You Do

The League Panel 7:
The Greatest Overlooked Lever in any Small
Business: Leading and Leveraging Your Team to
Stunning and Sustaining Growth


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