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Rich Schefren – Strategic Profits Founders Club


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Get A Complete Insiders Peek At Everything We Did… Why We Did It… When We Did It… and How We Did It… To Launch A Killer Continuity & Membership Program

Bi-Monthly Founders Report from Rich Schefren
* You get Rich’s Most Up-To-Date Strategies
* You gest his Newest Business-Bulding Discoveries
* You get his insider business-building tatics
* You get to hear about his client breakthroughs
* these reports

Bi-Monthly Founders Club Letter
* You get to hear all about stuff going on with your fellow founders
* you get the club’s Insider Marketing Tatics and Business-Building Strategies
* You get Sneak Peeks Into What We’re Doing That’s Working At Strategic Porfits
* You Get to Hear About the tatics that aren’t working
* The Founders Club Letter Is Designed to Give You the Straight-Truth About What’s Working Online Right Now!

2 Monthly Founders Club Virtual Trainings
* You get in-depth 60-90 minute trainings on what, how and when to do everything
* You get step-by-step instruction on the key areas of building a business that allows you to live life as a founder

* Basic & Advanced Traffic Generation Methods
* Conversion Strategies
* Stick Strategies & Refund Reductio Tatics
* Becoming Your Niche’s Foremost Expert
* The Email Organization System
* Entrepreneurial Creativity Techniques
* Advanced Joint Venture Strategies
* Creating High-Value, Repeat Customers
* Basic and Advanced PPC & CPA Marketing

* Testing & Tracking Your Marketing
* Analytics & Decision Making
* Selling with Teleseminars & Webinars
* Using Free Content To Boost Sales
* Getting and Leveraging A Mentor
* Competitive Intelligence & Positioning
* Video Sales Letter Techniques
* High-Converting Pricing Strategies
* Using Upsells and Downsell Paths

* Basic and Advanced Continuity Strategies
* Managing Your Business With Metrics
* Hiring and Managing a staff & Outsourcers
* How to scale up your marketing & business
* Testimonial Acquisition Tatics
* Understanding Your Core Business Financials
* Systematizing For Maximum Business Growth
* Quick Content Repurposing Methods
* Creating Killer Email and Web Copy


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