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Richard Bandler – Creating Therapeutic Change


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Richard Bandler considers this advanced seminar his best ever presentation of how to work with clients. Just solving problems often is not enough. Time distinctions can be used to interlace beliefs, feeling states and chains into complexes that generatively reorganize fundamental attitudes throughout a person?s life. Among the areas covered are:

1 State preparation of the therapist
2 Noticing the information and presuppositions many people miss
3 Rehearsing backsliding to build presuppositions of success
4 Weaving ?complexes? that go far beyond solving particular problems to changing fundamental attitudes.

7 videos:
no. 1. Layering responses (104 min.)
no. 2. Propulsion systems (101 min.)
no. 3. Attitudes (94 min.)
no. 4. Perceptual grids (86 min.) ?no. 5. Nonverbal amplification (91 min.)
no. 6. Playing with problems (78 min.)
no. 7. Weaving complexes (94 min.)


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