Richard Bolstad – Full Nlp Practitioner


Published on: May 12, 2021
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Over 60 hours of recorded training! Contents include:
Identify your personal mission and the values that will support your
success so all your energy moves in the same direction.

Learn advanced Sleight of Mouth and Quantum language patterns to turn
resistance into rapport with a single sentence
Design and teach a session using the key skills from the NLP Trainers
Training so you know you can use NLP in public speeches and training
Instantly identify a persons metaprograms and values, and design
responses to utilise these so that what you say makes sense in their
model of the world. Influence others in the most profound way, by
aligning with who they are.
Learn the key NLP processes for use with challenging clients and for
creating the wow effect. Practise the compulsion blowout, Core
Transformation and many more advanced NLP processes
Integrate all these processes using Richard Bolstads Personal Strengths
and RESOLVE models, and Julia Kurushevas SPRINT model. Know where you
are at every moment in your work.
Learn coaching and counselling skills for use in Private Practise
Design your own NLP processes, and use NLP to model remarkable success
in any area you choose.
Create cooperative relationships that last and repair the damage from
past conflict. Cover the Transforming Communication course focused on
your work as an NLP consultant so you can promote yourself to your
clients congruently.
Experience key processes that integrate NLP and spirituality and guide
yourself and others to states of awakening and bliss.
Learn processes to create health, integrating NLP and Traditional
Chinese chi kung. Use a step by step model to help clients maintain
optimum health and energy.


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