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Richard La Ruina – Daygame Immersion


Published on: December 10, 2020
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As you already know, I?ve made it my life’s work to uncover and engineer the most cutting-edge seduction technologies.

Not for the sake of just coming up with cool shit?

But for the sake of changing my students lives.

Guys who are tired of being invisible to women?tired of being stuck in the friend zone?tired of being sentenced to lonely nights of internet porn.

I spent the first 24 years of my lives trapped in this virgin hell and I?ve made it my mission to pull as many guys out of this nightmare as I possibly can, which is why this moment is so important to me.

Because now, after YEARS of reverse-engineering the success of our ultra effective in-person, private training programs?

And combining my findings with the latest breakthroughs in accelerated learning technologies, I?ve developed a radically new style of online training that?

Installs The Skillset Of A Master Day

Game Pick Up Artist Into Your Very Core

?.without you even having to leave your home.

No hard work. Nothing to practice.

The secret lies in the awesome power of a new format of online video training, which I call transformational transference technology.

All you have to do is log-in to the private members area – press play – then sit back as watch as this cutting-edge video training program literally transfers the master-level skills to you? hardwiring them directly into your neurology.

Once you’ve completed the program in its entirety (which should take you just under a week), wherever and whenever there’s a woman that catches your eye?

You’ll Able To Walk Up To Her And Make Her Want You?

Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

How fast are we talking?

Well, the process takes about 60 seconds? and it goes down as simply as:

First, you spot a woman you?d like to hook up with.

It doesn?t matter where you spot her.

The coffee shop, the bank, the mall, the street? wherever you happen to be going.

As soon as you find her, it’s ?game on?

You simply walk up to her?

And no matter how hard it was for you to do this in the past?

No matter how badly fear used to paralyze you at even the thought of just talking to a hot girl?

No matter how tongue-tied you used to get?

This time, it’s different.

This time, you’re armed with something way more powerful than confidence or ?know how??

This Time? You’re Wired Up With The

Skills Of A Master Day Game Pickup Artist?

And the outcome is all but guaranteed.

As you walk over to her, you laugh to yourself because you know just how easy this is going to be.

First, You introduce yourself.

Not with some cheesy pickup line you can?t even spit out without cringing?

The perfect thing to say is much simpler, and guaranteed to grab her attention?.

Once you get her attention?

Things start to get really fun.

Because no matter what response she gives you ?whether she’s bitchy or nice – you’ve got the perfect response already lined up and ready to go.

The right words flow effortlessly from your mouth?

And before she ever had a chance to pull the ?I have a boyfriend card??or give you the ?I?ve got to run, I have a meeting? line?

It hits her: feelings of raw, uncontrollable attraction.

Something she only feels around the most powerful pick up artists.

Her face gets flushed, her heart rate speeds up, and her panties begin to dampen.

You?ve Taken Over Her Mind? And

Now She’s Craving You Like A Drug

And she starts doing all the hard work for you.

She literally starts looking for things to like about you?

No matter how far from her ?physical type? you were a minute ago, now she’s convincing herself that you’re exactly what she wants.

And as c


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