Ricky Hayes – Facebook Ads Ecom Blueprint Mastery


Published on: May 12, 2021
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Hi, my name is Ricky Hayes. I am a 7 Figure dropshipping/brand ecommerce expert.
I have to-date sold over $8,000,000 in sales using Shopify, have a Facebook community of over 10,000 members, and taught over 10,000 people on youtube actively.

Course Curriculum
Welcome To Facebook Ads Ecom Blueprint Mastery

Course Lesson Structure
Shopify Store Setup A-to-Z
Create Your Store (28:52)
Connect payment gateways (3:55)
Connecting your conversion tracking codes (5:01)
Order Fulfillment Processing (11:20)
Customer Tracking Updates (11:48)
SMS Abandoned cart recovery (15:09)
Managing Customer Reviews (16:30)
Messenger Abandoned Cart Recovery (15:05)
Supercharge Your Facebook Pixel Hack (9:40)
Exit Intent Hack (8:48)
Crushing Your Images (4:42)
Email Abandoned Cart Recovery And Marketing (32:44)
Theme And Logo Configuration And Setup (14:29)
Persuasive Copy For Our Product Pages (7:57)
The Best Way To Determine If You Are Profitable (4:15)
Order Tracking In Paypal Hack (3:34)
Free Automated Order Fulfillment (5:54)
The Best Free Premium Theme (8:30)
Private Sourcing Agent For Branding (3:58)
Ultimate Guide To Product Research
Aliexpress Winning Product Research (12:08)
Amazon Winning Product Research (14:00)
Shopify Store Winning Product Research (10:35)
Facebook Winning Product Research (12:27)
Other Hacks To Find Winning Products (5:22)
Aliexpress Shipping Options Guidance (8:18)
Product Selection Criteria And Breakeven ROAS Formula (22:59)
Updated Facebook And Shopify Winning Product Research (8:07)
Mobile Product Research Hack (2:58)
Purchase Product Research Free Hack (3:41)
Google Product Research Hacks (6:13)
Free Chrome Extension Product Research Hack (3:02)
Spy On Facebook Ads Free hack (5:59)


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