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Rintu Basu – Advance Persuasion Skills


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Course Content


?Everything You Wanted to Know About the Most Comprehensive Covert Hypnotic Persuasion Skills Course On the Internet But Were too Tranced Out to Ask?

Frequently Asked Questions

I?ve put together an FAQ page to answer the common questions about the Advanced Persuasion Patterns course. If you don?t find your answer on this page feel free to ask any other questions in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

What is Advanced Persuasion Patterns about?

The Advanced Persuasion Patterns course is a downloadable internet based course that is designed to make you an expert at covert hypnotic persuasion. The course is part video, part audio and part written and deals primarily about face to face persuasion skills although much of it can be used on the phone and also in written form.

Who is Advanced Persuasion Patterns designed for?

This material is designed so everyone, no matter what level, will find it easy to assimilate the content. People familiar with NLP and Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques will find that the approach, the content and the way it is applied is subtly different from more traditional approaches. For beginners this is an ideal structure because you can learn advanced material without the need for a steep learning curve. This course has a lot of applications so to give you an idea of the many different ways you can use this material, here is a snapshot of various different possibilities:

Managers ? Make your team more cohesive, resourceful and high performing by matching their personality profiles to their roles

Parents ? Anchor your kids to feeling good about completing homework and chores

Leaders ? Sequence emotions through your talks to sell the vision and create buy-in for your projects

Teachers ? Tell trance inducing stories to covertly pre-teach knowledge

Trainers ? Use preframes to excite and motivate your delegates no matter how dry the subject

Marketers ? Profile your ideal customer and use their values, beliefs and language to draw them in

Coaches ? Use metaphors to covertly eliminate limiting beliefs and install an empowering mind set

Networkers ? Open anticipation loops so people are desperate to speak with you

Flirters, Daters and Seducers ? Capture and lead the imagination to new emotional heights

Interviewers ? Use non-verbal tactics to open up your interviewees making them more responsive

Lecturers and Presenters ? Structure hypnotic presentations so people not only take it in but are left desperate for more

Therapists and Counsellors ? Ask presuppostional questions that blow out unhelpful patterns of behaviour

Law and Policy Enforcers ? Use sensory acuity and conversation management techniques to become a human lie detector

Project Managers ? Preframe your project to automatically generate buy in, good will and a desire to help

Couples ? Use anchors to reconnect to the excitement, energy and fun of your first every date together every time your eyes meet.

Singles ? Use charisma patterns to speak to anyone and have them attracted to you in seconds

Employees ? Chain emotional states so your boss is always feeling good about your performance

Customers ? Ask sequences of questions that cut through the hype and properly match your need to their product

Job Seekers ? Use your body language to take covert control of the interview

Politicians ? Reframe any question to one that you want to answer

Sales Professionals ? Anchor positive emotions to your products and negative emotions to your competitors

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners ? Use hypnotic presentation techniques to sell your teams into your vision

What makes the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course different?

All the material is used on the student covertly as they go through the course. In this way the material is pre-taught, covertly demonstrated and used with the student before you consciously learn how to use it. The course is designed to work on the conscious and unconscious level and as a result students assimilate the content and start using the skills quicker than most.

Summary of Contents


Why do you want to learn hypnotic persuasion skills? How will you use these skills to make your life better? The importance of having an outcome in mind. Lesson 1

Concepts and ideas to make learning hypnotic language quick and easy

Using the communications model to bypass conscious thought

Language patterns to seal commitment from others

Lesson 2

Modelling the basis of personality to find leverage and create massive shifts in behaviour

How to use your voice, pitch, tone and tempo to draw people into a persuasive trance

Moving people in a direction using a next steps pattern

Lesson 3

Using personal trance states to be a more effective persuader

Deep trance identification model and change behaviour

Sensory acuity, becoming the human lie detector

Lesson 4

Build responsiveness instead of just rapport

Making embedded commands a natural part of your conversations

Lesson 5

Sneaky ways to change how people are processing their thoughts

Developing charisma patterns that turn you into a magnetic personality

Lesson 6

Installing behaviours and thought patterns for push-button responses

Using deep unconscious values to motivate people

Lesson 7

Words that automatically drop your audience into trance

Lesson 8

Creating metaphors from real life situations to use as persuasion tools

Lesson 9

Hiding powerful persuasion patterns in metaphors

Lesson 10

Covert belief changes using metaphors

Lesson 11

Drawing people in and holding their attention using anticipation loops

Lesson 12

An anchoring exercise to create a charismatic persuasive personality

Spotting and using towards / away from motivation

Lesson 13

Changing behaviour by covertly chaining emotional responses

How to use toward and away from language to create motivation

Lesson 14

Spotting and using simple personality profiles to motivate people

Lesson 15

Another nine personality profile indicators that create massive leverage

Lesson 16

A worked example: a personality profile interview in depth and how you can use language to match and motivate people

Lesson 17

How to chunk and sequence information so your audience not only completely understand but are screaming for more

Lesson 18

Combining and integrating the powerful persuasion tools from the previous lessons

Lesson 19

How to use questions to create complex changes in behaviour

Lesson 20

Taking the assumptions inherent in questions to build huge motivational and change patterns

Lesson 21

Various conversational and covert belief change systems

Lesson 22

Using time-based language to set up pre-frames and covertly change beliefs

Lesson 23

Changing your own mindset and beliefs to get results

Lesson 24

Integrating all the tools and patterns


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