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Ritamarie Loscalzo – SHINE January 2014 Conference


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Scientific and Holistic Investigation of Nutritional Endocrinology
(S.H.I.N.E. Conference)

January 10-12, 2014 in beautiful Austin, Texas
Join Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo and Special guests for a transformational conference that will take you to a whole new level of success as a holistic practitioner, and turn you into the Superstar Health Practitioner you were always destined to become.

?Here’s Exactly How to Consistently Solve Even the Most Complex Health Challenges and Become a Superstar Holistic Health Practitioner with a Waiting List Practice!?
…plus enjoy unprecedented success with your clients when you demystify the complexities of their chronic health challenges that no one else has been able to solve.

Solving the Mystery of Balancing the HPAT Axis (Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Thyroid)

Become the master of getting to the root cause of your clients’ low energy, mood swings, and chronic low vitality!

root cause health careWhat you may have already noticed is that a huge percentage of your clients present with symptoms that can be attributed to disregulation of their adrenals, their thyroid, or both.

You’ll walk away from the S.H.I.N.E. Conference armed with the knowledge and tools to be the ?go-to person? for solving tough hormone imbalance cases.

Implementing the nutritional endocrinology approaches to HPAT Axis imbalances will set you apart from the thousands of other health coaches and practitioners who simply don’t understand the intricate inner workings of these key glands, let alone how to restore balance.

You’ll love the checklists, charts, and resources designed to make your practice SHINE.


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