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Robert Plank – Five Minute Copywriting


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Five Minute Copywriting ? the easy to read PDF report ? gives you a boatload of plug-and-play sales copy items? just fill in the blank and go. The 14 types of headlines with examples of each, so you can turn your unique selling point into that perfect headline without racking your brain for hours!
16 plug and play openers to get you telling a story and transitioning from your headline to your copy, instantly.
32 plug and play bullet points (both positive and negative) to show you how to present each sub-section of your product as an exciting benefit instead of as a boring, run of the mill feature? watch your conversion rates explode and make a ton more money.
Five plug and play offers to drive your message home. As usual, no thinking required.
Seven copy and paste guarantees that you don?t even need to edit? just paste onto your sales letter with no work and you?ll be fully protected.
The six bottlenecks that hurt your online efforts, and how to overcome them. This alone could be the difference between the marketer who produces one product a year versus 15 products per year. Let?s face it, when you hire someone else to write your sales letter, they either charge too much or don?t understand your product enough to explain it? maybe both! The best person to sell your stuff is YOU? if you do it correctly! If you own at least one web site then you owe it to your PayPal and Aweber accounts to learn some basic five minute copywriting.


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