Roman Zhur – What mistakes you must avoid to succeed in business


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Every day in the world, tens of thousands of different businesses are being closed ? from small companies of 2 people to big corporations, that are listed in Fortune 500. This figure is growing from year to year, because we live in a very dynamic world with incredible competition almost everywhere.

Those, who survive, work further for 2 reasons.

The first reason is that they are lucky. Is it a fate, a good coincidence or something else, but it?s the fact. They began to do something and do it successfully, according to their will or not.

The second reason ? they understand what not to do in their case, they understand the weaknesses over which they must work and have made a competent plan of action based on them. It is difficult to survive due to the first reason, since it is impossible to predict whether will you be lucky or not. But it is possible and necessary to survive with the help of second reason, and here everything depends only on ourselves.

To survive due to the second reason, you need to study in detail the experience of other people and learn from their mistakes. In this course, I want to give you this opportunity. Over these years in business, I?ve tried almost every type of the business: ? two online subscription services. ? some complex b2b businesses. ? an affiliate marketing. ? an online store. ? an offline business. ? a franchise that I bought. ? a business based on some training course. ? a ready-made business that I bought. ? a b2c big check business. ? an informational business. ? worked as a dealer and partner.


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