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Ron Hubbard – How to Use Dianetics


Published on: December 14, 2020
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The fact that some crazy loons made it the basis for a money-making cult shouldn’t put you off, this is useful stuff based on their experience of doing a lot of what is basically release work. In fact uploading it here is an act of rebellion against Scientology, as you don’t have to get involved with them to get the info.

video 1
Chapter 1
Chapter 2 – Survive!
Chapter 3 – How the Mind Thinks
Chapter 4 – The Mechanics of the Mind
Chapter 5 – The Engram
Chapter 6 – How the Mind can make the Body Ill
Chapter 7 – Prenatal Experience
Chapter 8 – Painful Emotion Engrams
Chapter 9 – Your Survival and Your Emotions
Chapter 10 – Returning
Chapter 11 – How Auditing Works
Chapter 12 – The Basic Dianetics Procedure
Chapter 13 – The Auditor’s Code
Chapter 14 – The Black Panther Mechanisms

video 2
Video 1 – The Goal of Dianetics
Video 2 – Your Survival Potential
Video 3 – Analytical Shutdown
Video 4 – Key-Ins, Locks and Chains
Video 5 – Dramatization and Valences
Video 6 – The Power of Language in Engrams
Video 7 – Psychosomatic Illness
Video 8 – Life Force
Video 9 – Prenatal Engrams
Video 10 – Contagion of Aberration
Video 11 – Preventive Dianetics
Video 12 – DIagnosis
Video 13 – Types of Engram
Video 14 – Handling Losses and Injuries
Video 15 – The Five Classes of Engram Commands
Video 16 – The Repeater Technique


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