Ron Legrand – How To Structure And Protect Your Empire


Published on: May 12, 2021
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– If I had to guess what subject gets the most questions and the most requests to cover, it would be entity restructuring, asset protection, land trusts and what needs to be done to get started.
– In fact, we get so many requests, I decided to cover all of these items and more in a three hour live simulcast. I fielded lots of students’ burning questions throughout the event systematically annihilating all the confusion so many of you have trouble getting answered.
– I started with land trusts and covered what they are, why you need them in every state, why it’s foolish not to use them, how easy they are to set up, who should be the trustee, whether the bank can call the loan if you put your house in a trust, why not use LLCs instead, if you need an attorney to help, how they affect your taxes, the costs to set them up, what documents you’ll need, why you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use them and if they’ll work in your state.
– Then I covered LLC versus C Corp.:
the differences, how they’re taxed, why you should use them, when to use what, how they help reduce your taxes, how to properly take ownership of an entity whether married or single, and how the state you live in may change that.
– I showed students how to set up an entity, the costs, how it can drastically reduce your income taxes by properly using it, why entities are so important for asset protection, and why it’s only a matter of time when creditors and predators with good lawyers will take what you have if you don’t learn what I know.
– I also covered the stupid advice some estate planning attorneys will give you that could wipe out your entire wealth and how to avoid that ever happening to you. I gave a simple structure almost every family will need for estate planning purposes and why no two are alike, and how to get proper legal advice when building your estate plan.
– If you die without one, your entire life’s work will likely not transfer to whom you wish, and the state will take a big bite out of your assets. Simple strategic moves now can eliminate that so you never have to worry about it again and without taxes going to the government.
– You’ll learn how the rich people do the same.
Then comes your IRA and why it’s critical you have one
I taught the students to use it to buy and control real estate so you never pay taxes on the gain. I showed them how to make your IRA rich and eliminate all the grief of dealing with your custodian every time you want to order a check or make a payment for your IRA, as well as how to reduce your annual fees to almost nothing in the process. Your Custodian isn’t exactly excited for me to show this to you.
– I discussed why it’s extremely foolish to not use this gift from the IRS to eliminate taxes on the profits when you sell properties. I don’t expect this privilege to be around much longer without government interference, and why I strongly suggest you get on the bandwagon now buying in your IRA like a bat out of hell especially when you can do so without using your money as thousands of my students are doing every week.
– By taking a little time, or getting someone to do it for you, you just pick a number and an average rate of return and calculate what it’s worth outside your IRA for a ten-year period opposed to inside your IRA, WHERE you never pay taxes on the profits and let them grow tax-free.
– I’ll give you the answer
The same investment for the same amount of time at the same rate of return will be worth 7 to 10 times more inside your IRA than outside your IRA over a ten-year period. It’s no more complicated to do it inside than outside.
– It costs nothing extra, doesn’t take any longer, yet makes you rich 7 to 10 times faster. Only a fool would ignore this gift from our government, and everyone reading this letter is qualified for a Roth IRA regardless of your age or your income. I explained it all on the simulcast.
I’m not an attorney nor did I


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