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Ron LeGrand – Platform Speaking Sales Boot Camp


Published on: December 14, 2020
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No info on the actual upload as sales page is down but here is the info on the most recent iteration of which this is a part.Ron LeGrand’s Speaker & Promoter Home Study CoursesDear Friend,Can you see yourself in a part-time business where you can literally create six figure paychecks on demand while simultaneously setting up back-end, passive income streams that produce money without your participation? Have you ever thought you’d like to be in the seminar business so you could fill a room with raving fans and make a lot of money quickly? Or do you have aspirations to be a speaker, where you can take the stage and sell products, selling as much as $250,000 an event? Or maybe you’re already a speaker and would like to work less and make more a lot more. Either way I can help. I can help you have a business where you help change peoples lives and get an endless stream of testimonials, thank you letters, gifts and even hugs wherever you go.

I do all these things and I’ll be sharing everything I know about the seminar and boot camp business in a very special home study system. It’s called the SPEAKER & PROMOTERS BOOT CAMP HOME STUDY SYSTEM.

That’s right, it’s a combo course. Learn how to promote amazing seminars and boot camps, and, if you’re interested, learn how to be a platform speaker. Do both and you’ll really be raking in the dough! I want to give you the opportunity to learn both sides of this business. But first…

Let me tell you a little about myself (after all, I’ve made millions doing this myself) and then I’ll share all the elements of a successful seminar business with you. Read on for the exciting details that can make you rich!

My name is Ron LeGrand and I’ve filled and conducted seminars and boot camps for 20 years now. We do almost 100 boot camps per year ranging in price from $1,500 – $6,000. They last three to five days in length and have an average attendance of 150 people. Add to that over 150 one-day workshops a year, some with over 400 people, and I guess it’s fair to say I understand this business.

I’ve also been a speaker at events all over North America and delivered speeches from 35 minutes long to 5 day training events. I can’t remember a single one of those times I didn’t sell at least $25,000 worth of products with only the words from my lips.

You don’t have to create a machine of this size to get wealthy quick. Any one of our one-day events average enough net profit to pay most job slaves for a full year. The net profit from a three-day boot camp rivals the annual salary of a top corporate CEO.

In my Speaker & Promoter Home Study System, I’ll show you how to work from both ends of the business and you’ll be able to use what suits you best. We no longer offer the live events for these trainings, but we’ve put them on audios and videos so you get all the same information, plus the manuals and workbooks, to use right from your own home. With all this information, you’ll have the knowledge to create a business from either side of the stage – on it or behind it. For starters, let me tell you about the Promoting side.
Here’s a real life example of how you can start and run a seminar business from scratch and not be an expert on anything. To do so I’ll have to disclose some family secrets and probably embarrass my daughter, Vicki, a little. I’ll just do it and ask her permission later.

In 1999 Vicki got tired of working for the corporate machine we built from a $10 seminar and decided to start her own business. She had no products. She isn’t a speaker or an expert on anything. She decided to sell information products because that’s what she and I had done most of her adult life.

We put our heads together and licensed a couple products we started selling by mail. Soon she got the idea to create a seminar and teach others how to sell information products. She knew she wasn’t going to be the one to teach the seminar so she got the smartest, best qualified, most handsome and modest guy on the planet to teach it…ME.

Then I teamed up with my marketing mentor Dan Kennedy and we put together a format and built the three-day seminar from scratch in about 3 days. To this point, Vicki didn’t have a dime in this venture because she talked us into waiting until after the event to get paid. In Dan’s case, his payment was a percentage of his sales he made at the event.

I think they call this one of those nothing down deals. Anyway, here’s the numbers from Vicki’s first 3-day boot camp she had us create and deliver while she stood in the back of the room and processed credit cards.


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