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Ronald Ruden – The Havening Technique


Published on: December 10, 2020
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The Havening Technique is a technique recommended by Paul McKenna, Jonathan Chase and many others. It is considered revolutionary. It helps to resolve fears, anxiety (e.g. approach anxiety), trauma and many other problems in a couple of minutes. Science and experience backs it up.
But there is even more: you can reinforce positive statements (e.g. affirmations) on a deep level.
AND: contrary to other methods, you don?t need a facilitator. You can do it on your own.
COACHES/THERAPISTS: you can use this effectively with your clients. Join the GB now and have an advantage over the competition!

The WHOLE method ? formerly available only in personal, costly trainings ? is now taught on DVD! This is brand new!

What you get:

Havening Introduction- A Live Seminar ( 3 Disc set)
Havening Primer 130 pages of the most important parts of the original manuscript.
Havening Procedural Guide, 30 page pocket sized book detailing techniques.
Havening Quick Card for personal use (wallet size reference guide) ten cards come with case.
Access to the blog and quarterly updates
Reduced admission to future training seminars.
Currently there are three Havening techniques, which can be applied to three Havening Methods.
These three techniques which are only available in this product are:

Facilitated Havening: The practitioner applies havening touch to the client and guides the process through verbal suggestions.

Facilitated Self Havening: The client applies havening touch while the practitioner guides the process through verbal suggestions.

Self Havening: The client has learned the technique and is able to self apply it.
These techniques are demonstrated in the accompanying videos.

The three methods of Havening are:

Event Havening
In this method, the client imaginally brings to mind the event that causes distress. The individual then rates the distress on a scale from 0-10 (called an SUD, Subjective Units of Distress scale) Havening touch and distraction techniques are subsequently employed. The purpose of event havening is to remove the distress caused by the recall of the traumatic memory.

Transpirational Havening
Here the client chants a word or a phrase that is associated with a traumatic event. The word chosen is preceeded by a the non-spoken ?I am?? scared, afraid, angry, ashamed, guilty, alone, etc. Without havening touch, emotionally related events remain seperate, but when havening touch is applied during chanting, these events become bound and are brought to consciuosness and removed.

Affirmational Havening
In this approach the client seeks something they find positive about themselves. The word or phrase, like in transpirational having, has a preceeding unspoken ?I AM?? worthy, strong, attractive, etc. Once chanting begins, havening touch is applied for about 3-5 minutes.

Increase your practice with the most cutting edge technology available to transform lives forever ? including your own!
This comprehensive package contains all you need to get started.


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