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Ross Jeffries – Advanced Speed Seduction


Published on: December 10, 2020
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What if your worst and most persistence fears with women could be re-channeled and re-directed into even more powerful sources of confidence, charm and attraction? What if the very same processes, thoughts, and flows of energy and feeling that, up until now have kept you stuck could be transmuted and harnessed to work in your favor powering you to joyous and stunning confidence that attracts women anywhere you happen to go?

Well, ?what if? is just days from being your reality thanks to my breakthrough work with Signal Recognition Technology?. The same breakthrough tech that my cutting-edge senior students are using to get women hot, and ready in minutes, can now be used by any guy to break through years of fear with women, at any and every stage of the seduction, guarantee dynamite, unshakeable confidence!

I Don?t Care How ?Stuck? You Have Been Up Til NOW?.I Guarantee A Lifetime Of Confidence..In MINUTES!

Listen: In this amazing video, filmed live at the New York 2004 Speed Seduction? Workshop, you?ll watch as I take a student who has been blocked his entire adult life from approaching women, and use this process to turn his fear into confidence, in minutes!

You?ll see this student visibly changing, as the fear melts away and the new confidence and power make him radiant, balanced, and strong in under 5 minutes! Just as important, you?ll hear and see his personal testimonial as this formerly totally ?blocked? guy returns to the room to tell about how he went out into the cold, hard streets of New York City and discovered he could approach women in a way that feels good, natural and strong!

Learn What He Learned?And Enjoy It Yourself!

In this video, I?ll teach you, step by step, how to become consciously aware of and MASTER the very emotions and flows of feeling that have been blocking and stopping you for years, hiding just outside your conscious awareness.

Once you learn to be aware of these, I?ll show you exactly how to re-channel them, into sources of power, confidence, and charisma, so that the very forces that had you blocked now become the servants of your will and focus, powering you to more confidence and ease with women that you?d ever imagined possible!

(Special note: this process I teach can be used to beat fear at ANY stage of your seduction, whether it?s the initial walk up, the mid-game, or the final ? closing her-getting naked? stage!)

A Deep Level Secret Of Powerful, Personal Change And Re-programming!

Listen: what most people don?t know and never will discover about emotions is this: all strong emotions, including the negative ones like, depression, worry and fear can actually become re-channeled into AMAZING SOURCES OF POWER. The very same energy/feeling flows/and complexes that have kept you blocked, once mastered, become incredible sources of power and ability, so all of your energetic and emotional resources line up to help you achieve what you want.

How Is This Kind Of Change Really Possible?

Working with literally thousands of men for over a decade has taught me something interesting: most fearful or shy people don?t even really know HOW they create their shyness or fear.

Some may try to struggle against the fear with ? willpower? and forcing themselves to act(have you ever tried that?) which almost never works and is very personally exhausting.

Others try to talk themselves out of their fear, or change their ?inner dialogue? which almost always results in the woman walking away before you can figure out what to say!

The Secret Of Really Changing Deeply? In MINUTES!!

Listen: what I have discovered about destroying even the most powerful blocks and barriers is this: for any chain of thoughts and emotions that have been defeating or blocking you, there is an initial flow of body energy or feelings that sets the entire thing into play.

Without that initial feeling flow to set them into motion, even your worst fears, blocks, and negative thinking simply cannot become activated because they are robbed of their starting source of power.

A Metaphor To Help You Better Understand

The metaphor that works here to explain this even more clearly is an avalanche: once it gets flowing down the mountain, it is pretty hard to stop. But if you can prevent that first impact that shakes the first bits of snow loose, then you can get and keep the entire thing under control because you never let it get started in the first place!

Even Better News!

These initial ?feeling flows?, once brought into your awareness and put under your control, become free and available sources of power and energy that you can re-channel into positive directions. Just imagine how great you will feel as you re-direct and transmute the same emotional energy that used to block you into whatever positive feelings and states you wish to master and enjoy!

Blocks And Barriers Fight On YOUR Side!

Imagine?.rather than having to fight yourself, it will be the very forces that kept you stuck that are now redirected to send you moving just as automatically in a powerful, focused, calm direction?.straight to the women you really want to meet!

Bonus Section #1: Double Or Triple Your New Found Power…With Focused, Empowering Beliefs!

As an extra bonus, to make sure you have even more confidence, charisma, and power, I have an entire section of the video dedicated to teaching you 4 specific beliefs that make meeting women any where, any time, fun, natural and easy no matter what their first responses to you might be! These beliefs make handling her auto-pilot responses, brush-offs or other ?surprises? incredibly easy, so that you calmly take anything she says or does in stride, and use it to draw even closer into your web and more quickly into your bed!

Listen: If you?ve ever worried about what to say next, or what to say if she doesn?t respond ?positively?then this bonus section is just what you?ve been looking to find!

Bonus Section #2: The Four Key

Beliefs For Staying Motivated, Positive, And Leaping Up The Learning Curve!

Look: if it seems to you that I?m really hammering on the power of beliefs, well, you are right. I know having the right beliefs (combined with the right technology and skills) can empower people to achieve anything!

So as an extra bonus, bonus I also have a section of this video where I teach you the core beliefs to push past mistakes and set-backs and keep pushing up the learning curve to master even the most difficult skills, challenges and problems.

How To Push Aside Setbacks And Mistakes!

Look: learning new skills can be tough, especially when they fly in the face of what you are used to doing (as Speed Seduction? so often does!) So it can be easy to get discouraged, and fall back into old ways, unless you know how to properly manage and control your emotions as you are learning.

Using these core learning beliefs, from the bonus bonus section, you can learn how to learn from your mistakes, avoid getting ?down on yourself? or slipping into old ways of thinking and acting, and instead rapidly shorten the time to mastery, not just of Speed Seduction?, but any set of skills!

But What?s The ?Investment? Ross!

Not a bad question, my friend, and in fact, as I think about the value you?ll get from this video, and realize the leaps and bounds it will let you make in your mastery of Speed Seduction?, I easily recognize that any price I put on it would be an incredible bargain.

Nonetheless, I?ve talked it over with Yates, and we?ve decided to price it at a real steal, at just $29.95 . When you consider what you?ll learn and apply from this video, (and that folks normally pay anywhere from $800 to $2500 to come to my live events to learn what?s on this amazing product) that?s almost like we are giving it away. And remember, as with all of our products, this video is fully guaranteed to your complete satisfaction, for 90 days or your money back!

Hold On One Minute BEFORE You Order?.NOW!

As proud as I am of this product, it is NOT for everyone. If you are already a full blown, total master of Speed Seduction? with no deep interest at all in learning new things, improving your babe-pulling skills, or learning deep secrets about how things really work at the deepest levels of the mind, THIS video is not for you! Further, I must admit, on first viewing, some of what you may see on this video may seem pretty ?far out?. So if you are especially hard-headed or closed minded, don?t ORDER YOUR COPY RIGHT AWAY unless you can now convince yourself you powerfully want to change.

But if your mind is open and you want to learn, then whether you are totally new to Speed Seduction?, and want a great first time product, or are a long time Ross Jeffries fanatic and collector(or anything in between) THIS IS THE VIDEO FOR YOU! Order your copy and enjoy dynamic confidence at every level and at every stage of your seduction?NOW!!


Ross Jeffries


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