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Ross Jeffries – Persuasion Mastery Boot Camp Footage


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Before I share this life-changing information with you, I just want to say that I don’t know just exactly what you’ll find most exciting as you imagine how you’ll be putting this to use. What’s important is, that as you continue to notice that growing excitement that you feel free to ask the questions that let you know,a fantastic decision is going to be made. So will you promise me you’ll ask those questions?

Here’s a question many people are already asking:
?Ross, What Brought You To Teach Smart StudentsHow To Win With Words Through Persuasion??
You see, I’ve spent the past 25 years ‘taking it to the streets? teaching men how to get women between the sheets
using some down and dirty language tools and tactics that no one else in the world understands or knows.
Hell, I and many of my students have used these methods to seduce trained NLP master practitioners,
master hypnotists, and other so-called ?influence experts?, dancing them around like puppets on strings.
Thousands Of My Students Have Literally Begged Me For The Past Decade To Teach Them
A System That Allows Them To Be Puppet-Master Persuaders Who Win With Their Words In Every Walk Of Life!

?Learning word-for-word ?Persuasion Super Patterns? that get people doing
your bidding (complete with showing you tonality, body language, etc. that make the patterns work)
?Mastering the art of persuasion through ‘skills and drills? group exercises where
students learned how patterns work and how to construct your own patterns;
?Throwing squishy balls around and popping bubble wrap (for real – we had fun
learning, just as you will immersing yourself in the learning from home)
?And much, much more!

To Further Boost Your ?Win With Words? Persuasion Power,
You Get More Than Just Raw Footage… Including:

?PDF Scans of the pattern-packed action handouts from all 3 days of the events so you can follow along
?My ?Four Super Patterns? – start gaining success using these, before you even fully understand how they work

What’s more, all video modules come with MP3 audio versions so you can
listen to them all day long, as well as PDF transcripts so you can read while you watch and listen.


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