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RSD Julien Blanc – TenGame


Published on: December 10, 2020
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This program by Julien Blanc is designed to help men attract women by teaching them how to understand and focus on their uniqueness in order to start “being?. It shows you how to refocus away from the “doing? of techniques and game in order to get back in touch with the things that make game a worthwhile experience. It is also designed to improve the nuances of your mindset.

The program is built on 10 core concepts that focus on macro concepts to bring out your uniqueness. It is a five-part program including:

– Theory: Know What to Do
– Infield: Emotionally Recognize It
– Exercises: Internalize the Core Concepts
– Missions: Implement in the Real World
– Accountability: Have a Support System to Keep You on Track

Limited time bonuses include:

– Advanced Infield Footage
– Un-Announced Super Bonus
– Julien World Tour Exclusive Footage
– Month 1 of Accountability Teleconferences
– “Diving Into Your Subconscious? Teleconference

Table of Contents:

Law 01 – Get out of your own way
Law 02 – Offer value
Law 03 – Make yourself feel good
Law 04.1 – Be real
Law 04.2 – Be real
Law 05.1 – Communicate clearly
Law 05.2 – Communicate clearly
Law 06 – Think win win
Law 07.1 – Get better, not bitter
Law 07.2 – Get better, not bitter
Law 08 – Play to win
Law 09 – Play the paradoxes
Law 10 – Apply this to your life

Infield 01: Offering Value – 1.mp4
Infield 02: Taking Value – 5.mp4
Infield 03: Openers Compilation – 6.mp4
Infield 04: Walking Sets – 7.mp4
Infield 05: Rejections Compilation – 8.mp4
Infield 06: Merging Sets – 9.mp4
Infield 07: Warming Up – 10.mp4
Infield 08: Long Set Pull – 12.mp4
Infield 09: Late Night Number – 13.mp4
Infield 10: Late Night Pull (Feat. Bradd) – 2.mp4
Infield 11: Late Night Pull (Feat. Owen) – 3.mp4
Infield 12: Advanced Infield Footage (Bonus) – 4.mp4

Exercise 1 – Communicate Clearly
Exercise 2 – Talk non-stop for 2 minutes
Exercise 3 – Eliminate all filters
Exercise 4 – Be more expressive
Exercise 5 – Word associate
Exercise 6 – Draw state from within
Exercise 7 – Remain grounded – 8.mp4


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