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RSD Julien – Pimp And Epiphany Series


    Published on: November 17, 2021
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    Name Product: RSD Julien – Pimp And Epiphany Series
    Size: 1.76 GB
    COST: $497= Your Free
    Author: Julien

    Epiphany Series

    You literally have EVERYTHING you need to become good at game at this point. I know ,it took ME 7 years to internalize everything I am teaching you at this point
    It’s an absolute Game Brain-Dump
    From the moment I got over Approach Anxiety, to the point I realized DRAMA was so effective, I spent SEVEN WHOLE YEARS (in case it wasn’t clear), a few months/years per MAJOR EPIPHANY
    But I don’t want you to take nearly as long…

    That’s why I created the EPIPHANY SERIES. A course where I break down EVERY SINGLE MAJOR EPIPHANY I had along my journey IN THE ORDER THAT I HAD THEM, so you don’t have to waste time figuring them out, I’ve already done it for you
    And I broke it down into a 6-Epiphany Series:
    1st Epiphany: Destroying Approach Anxiety
    In this installment I tell you…
    when I hit the streets or clubs.
    At first I had to resort to alcohol, but over time there were several re-frames and strategies I came up with, that completely annihilated my AA. And I tell you how to get over yours in a snap
    2nd Epiphany: Turn Your Personality Into A Chick Magnet
    Every guy who’s amazing at game learned to assertively “own who they were” when developing their game.
    Turning Into an Amplified Version of Yourself
    = Extremely Atrractive.
    This is probably the single hardest thing to do because we all grew up Socially Conditioned. In this installment I tell you how to turn your personality into an irresistible tool to attract women (hint: there’s no personality that isn’t attractive, the key is to own this sh** out of it and you will become unstoppable)
    3rd Epiphany: From Drunk to (Stronger) Sober Game
    I started gaming drunk. And I got all those really good results. But I learned that
    “You Develop Your Personality In The State
    That You’re In The Most”
    And that’s not what I was in this for.
    It took me roughly 8 months to figure out how to resolve this. But not for you. I tell you all the tricks I used to come back STRONGER from Drunk to Sober Game.
    4th Epiphany: Getting Over Oneitis (Or Getting Her Back)
    Believe it or not, I too had to get over “that one girl” I really liked, multiple times. I had to…
    “Burn the Boats” and Carry On with Getting
    Abundance in Women
    It was a hard time for me, but I’ll tell you the details of how to get over that oneitis (be it new or old), and how, if so you still want to after it all, get her back (this ties massively into creating Drama with the girl, but I’ll tell you about it in the last Epiphany Installment)
    5th Epiphany: Developing A Killer Instinct To Close Them All
    In hindsight, I probably lost 30 or 40 girls I could’ve closed if I had the Killer Instinct I now have. It’s incredible to think that with just the right reframes and strategies, I could’ve gotten some true hotties along the way.
    In this installment…
    I Reveal the Simple yet Oblivious Methods that
    Now Yield Me Much Higher Closing Rate
    than without it, and they have brought me the reference points I needed to close actresses, models and porn stars.
    6th Epiphany: Drama
    My signature Game technique. Drama has been both embraced and misunderstood by most people.
    I don’t go dramatic on girls at all, I “provoke”
    in them, which gets them hooked to me for a
    good chunk of their fertile years
    (and even gets them back if I want to)
    It sounds way more vicious than it is, and with good reason. However, it is the core of what women WANT TO FEEL and experience with a guy. Simply a High-Value Man that will provide them with a full range of powerful emotions. And that’s exactly what I will teach you in this Installment

    Pimp Series

    If I went the extra mile with PIMP, here I go above and beyond to bring you full FU**ing circle. I brought together 3 of the best in the Game. Where I sit down to break down different aspects of Game only True Elite Players can bring to the table.
    And if you absorb 10% of what’s in store, your game will seriously take a major spike and you’ll notice it in record time
    Tyler learned Game from me and I learned Game from him. We went out for OVER TWO YEARS STRAIGHT pimping the streets and clubs of L.A. (home of the hottest and most exclusive club scene in the world, where models, celebrities and professional athletes go party)
    Oftentimes, when we’d go out individually we’d have less success than going out and pimping it together.
    Having (Great) Wingmanship Skills is the Single Best Thing You Can Have to Pull (and Keep Around) Hotter Girls Consistently
    In this series Tyler and I reveal the secrets of what Effective Wingmanship is, how to achieve it with your wing, the mindsets and methods we used so we could both end up with a Stunner every night we went out together, and what to avoid so it’s always a win-win-win-win situation
    Good wingmans are everything when trying to take over a club and get the hottest girls, they make your game better faster, and they contribute to EPIC nights out, and we’ll show you how to do it all
    For this series I invited a guy who’s not only pimped it hard since before he was an RSD instructor, but he’s probably the guy with the most similar game to mine, as he’s style of Game is to “Manipulate the Social Matrix”
    Retired from teaching Pick Up,
    Ryan STILL Goes Into ANY Social Situation
    with a Knack for Bending the Standard Social Norms
    and Gets Fantastic Results,
    Always Bending the Social Rules in his Favor
    (work, clubs, friendships, business relationships, personal & romantic relationships)
    In this series we will sit down and talk game, discuss ideas, experiences and results we’ve had along our journey as we became more and more experienced in the Game, and we’ll digest it into easy-to-follow schemes you can start applying today in your favor, not only with hot girls, but in every other area of your life in general
    In short, we will teach you how to be in FULL CONTROL of ANY Social Situation.
    GAMING 9s & 10s WITH DEREK
    Now, if I was going to create a PIMP Series, I had to bring on one of the SICKEST PLAYERS the Game has ever seen.
    Every single RSD instructor has learned something from him…
    This is a Guy Who Would Invite Tyler to the Playboy
    Mansion and FU** 3 Playboy Models the Same Night
    This is the guy who goes to Vegas with the RSD Crew and out of 7 nights, he pulled 7 EXTREMELY HOT GIRLS, then went back for a 5 day week, and pulled another 5 STUNNERS
    This guy has NEVER been a part of an RSD product before, he tries as hard as possible to stay out of the limelight but I twisted his arm into giving you everything he’s got
    This guy is the real deal. Derek, having dated Models, Celebrities and Extremely hot women, isn’t an instructor, but has been almost every RSD Instructor’s mentor because of the quality of girl he pulls, and the mindset he does it with
    He hasn’t done anything for RSD in over 5 years after a Special Edition Mastermind he once did, and I now bring him to you so you learn what it takes to pull that level of hot girls that consistently
    You DO NOT want to miss this one


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