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Russell Brunson – The Underachiever Formula


Published on: December 10, 2020
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The Underachiever Formula for Creating Foolproof Products
By Russell Brunson, the Overnight Success Maker
Before I jump into the ?hows? of finding out what people in your market want, I want to recap the three simple steps of the Underachiever Formula. They are: first, find a hot market, second, ask them what they want, and third, give it to them.
The second step in the Underachiever Formula after you?ve found your hot market, is to find out what they want. This unfortunately is the step that almost everyone skips. For some reason, many marketers think they know what people want to buy, but rarely do I see people hit home runs when they skip this step.
This step can be broken down into two simple things: your flycatcher page and your ?ASK? campaign.
Underachiever product creation
In the screenshot shown above, you?ll see an example of a simple survey page we create for every market we go into. Its goal is to ask people what their number one question is about the topic we want to create a product about.
Your ?ASK? campaign is the process of sending visitors to fill out the flycatcher page to find out exactly what your target market wants. The fastest way to get people to fill out your survey is to find a forum where your target market is congregating and tell them that you are creating a new product – and if they will fill out a quick, one-question survey, then you will give them a copy of your product for free when it?s finished.
The goal is to get about 100 people to fill out the survey. You can then take the responses you receive and use them in a few ways.
Answer the Questions: When you are ready to create your product, you can take the questions you received and simply answer them. This is the easiest way to give your customers exactly what they want.Use the Questions in Your Sales Copy: When you create your sales letter, you will turn those questions into bullet points. For example, if someone asked you, ?what?s the best way to train your parrot how to speak?? you will turn that into a bullet point in your sales letter that says, ?Discover the best ways to teach your parrot how to speak!?Find Out What they want so you can give it to them: The most important reason to ask your target market what they want is so you will know what they want. Let me give you an example. When we started to create our product ?How To Overcome Pornography? we thought that the people we were selling to were men who had pornography addictions. What we found out after we started to run our ?ASK? campaign was that the people who were looking to buy our products were not the men. It was wives and mothers of people who had pornography addictions and were looking for information on how to stop. Just think how much different our sales message and our product became after we found out who our real customers were. I have a close friend who had a product that taught students how to get a college scholarship. He tried for months to sell the product, but couldn?t get any traction. He was about to give up when he had a thought. ?I wonder if the parents of the high school kids would want to buy this product.?
So he changed the sales letter to be written to the parent instead of the students and almost overnight his product became a huge success.
One of the other benefits of running an ?ASK? campaign is if no one will fill out your survey, then you will know that the market you wanted to go after isn?t looking for that information. I can?t tell you how many times I?ve seen people who spend months creating products and find out later that no one wants to buy them.
These are the four major questions that your ?ASK? campaign will answer for you:
Who should you be selling to?What do they actually want?What are their pain points?What words do they use to describe it?
Now, after I have the questions back from my ?ASK? campaign, I am going to use those questions to create my system outl


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