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Ruth Buczynski – NICABM Mindfulness Series 2013


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Course Content


More than Healing . . . Mindfulness Can Transform the Lives of Your Clients, and Change the Way You Practice
Now You Can Reduce Symptoms, Shorten Treatment,
and See a Powerful Difference in Your Patients’ Lives

4 Innovative Learning Tools to Help You Take Action

Deepen your investigation of topics with the Acclaimed TalkBack Session

Two experts join us at the end of each webinar with concrete ideas for application. Their job is to make yours easier by streamlining the information from the call and making sure each point is crystal clear. You can’t get the full value of these webinars without the TalkBack. This has quickly become one of the most popular segments of our webinars, so come see what everyone’s been talking about.
Next Week In Your Practice . . .

With next week in mind, we’ll turn smart ideas into easy-to-use solutions. You’ll get 6 short videos featuring two experts with extensive experience using mindfulness who will arm you with numerous techniques and exercises to use with your patients, ensuring that you’re prepared and ready for even the most challenging client.
QuickStart Guide to Application: The Essential Companion to Every Call

Don’t have time to review a whole call before a session? We’ve done the work for you. We compiled all the exercises and routines from the webinars that you can use right away. Gold Members will get 6 powerful quickstart guides that make applying lessons from each webinar simple and intuitive.
Professional Transcripts Make Learning Easy

Don’t just watch the webinars – make them your own. By taking notes, reviewing important points, and tracking down useful citations or references, you’ll practically double the value of each webinar. With an easy-to-use table of contents, clear, professional formatting, and helpful quotes to identify key concepts, these transcripts are essential to integrating what you’ve learned into your practice.

Each session in this comprehensive training program is packed with critical information so that by the end, you will have a deeper understanding of how to integrate mindfulness into your work.
You will only be able to do so if you take advantage of the Gold Membership. This includes:

Downloadable videos of each webinar in the comprehensive training program
Downloadable audios so you can listen on-the-go
Professionally formatted PDF transcripts of each interview for you to refer to and even personalize with your own notes
3 additional bonus sessions complete with transcripts, audio and video recordings
6 TalkBack Sessions packed with practical ways to apply the ideas in the webinars
6 “Next Week in Your Practice? 15 minute sessions to help you focus on the interventions you’ll use with your patients
6 Printable Quick-Start Guides to Application that zero in on the essential applications from each webinar

As a Gold Member, you’ll have the valuable advantage of repetition. Watch or listen as often as you like and refer back whenever you want – all of the videos, audios, and transcripts are yours to keep permanently in your professional library. Practitioners have told us over and over again how repetition is the key to integrating knowledge and application into their work.
Get the Complete Package Now
Here’s what you’ll get as a Gold Member:

6 Downloadable videos to watch each interview at a time that’s convenient for you. $180 Value
6 Downloadable audios for listening on the go $120 Value
6 Professionally-formatted transcripts of each interview $90 Value
6 Application Focused TalkBack Segments $150 Value
6 Next Week in Your Practice video downloads $150 Value
6 Printable Quick-Start Guides to streamline all the applications in the webinars $90 Value
3 Extra bonus session transcripts $60 Value
3 Extra bonus session videos and audios to enhanc


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