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Ryan Deiss – Napkin Project


    Published on: November 17, 2021
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    The Million Dollar Napkin originated when a challenge presented to Ryan a few years ago. The bet was that Ryan would not be able to sketch out his full marketing operation on just one little piece of paper, the paper available was a napkin on the bar at the Hilton Antole, Dallas. Ryan did actually sketch out his business model on the little cocktail napkin and because of that it became known a “The Million Dollar Napkin” Its no secret that Ryan has a multi-million dollar enterprise and to be able to put that success onto one little square napkin is proof of the well oiled machine that Ryan has built that cranks out success after success. Napkin Project In the training he explained why you too should have a business model that can be described with a small sketch. He also goes through all the steps required to construct a million dollar marketing funnel. Why it is important to be spending more on acquiring customers and how to increase the value of each customer.


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